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30-Day Minimalism Game – Conclusion and Thoughts   Leave a comment

I got rid of 210 items. Two hundred and ten things that I thought I needed 21 days ago. Items I cared about, and told myself I couldn’t get rid of.

I went a lot longer that I thought I would. I kept thinking 12 or 13 days would be my breaking point. I thought it would be a great accomplishment to get half way through at 15. But I found a way to make it all the way to 20. It may not have been the full month, but I’ll take pride in beating my own goal.

It’s strange how differently I am viewing my possessions now. When I started, I struggled to get rid of a single pack of cards. I lamented losing the item; losing the anchor keeping my memory from floating away. I dreaded the decision I had to make everyday of which loved thing I had to lose. It felt like a struggle.

But now, I’m disappointed that I can’t find more stuff to get rid of. I scoured my things to see if I could find enough things to get to 21. I started to debate getting rid of necessities to make it just one more day. It was way more enjoyable to get rid of things than to keep them around.

It’s making me analyse all aspects of my life. My hobbies, my interests, my job, etc, all seem up in the air now. I’d be lying if I said all of this uncertainty feels good. But from all the boredom and self-reflection, I am sure I will find something even better than before. Or I’ll just fill all the space with more crap, and do this all over again. At least that’d give me more to write about.

I am glad I did this, and I am glad I shared it all here. The nice thing about the time we live in is I can save a load pictures of all of the things I got rid of. I can come back at any time and look at the pictures. The memories are going to be there, and not in my closet gathering dust.

I don’t know what I am going to do next after this. I have some writing prompt books, and I always have some sort of rant to go on. I also have a trip coming up in november, so maybe I will try to find a way to blog about that as well. But for now, I think I’ll take a break, and enjoy the things I have left.

Thank you for reading,

– Shaman

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30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 20   1 comment

Today is, most likely, my last day of this. I’m going to do one last check to see if there is anything else I would be getting rid of. There might be something I overlooked. The funny thing is, I want to keep going. I want to find more things to get rid of, and I really want to get to day 30. I know that it can’t happen, but I really want it to.


First item is an old bottle of multivitamins. I bought them years ago, and kept forgetting to take them. I have a new bottle that I will neglect, so I’ll toss these.

The item under this is a Stove In A Can. It is a portable camping stove, with some solid wood pulp fuel. It isn’t bad, and could be good for an emergency. But a flint and steel are just as useful, and don’t take as much space.

The blue container was storing all of the stuff I got rid of yesterday. I got it from my ex, who got it from her work. It is a container that held lab equipment, and she had 20 of them. It is nice, but since I don’t have stuff to store in it, I don’t need it.

The container under that is Activated Carbon. It is used for filtering fish tanks, although I used it to filter vodka. I wanted to see if I could increase the quality of bad alcohol. It works, but it isn’t really worth the effort. I was keeping this around until I wanted to try again, but I don’t think I will soon enough to make it worth it.

The poster next to it is from The Oatmeal. It is a poster version of How To Know Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You. It is funny, but I don’t really do posters, so I’ll give this away.

The white book next to the poster it a WipeBook. It is a dry erase notebook. It is a unique concept, and I used it ok. But this is another one of those things I don’t use because I have a computer. If I was a sketch artist this would be useful, but I’m not.

I have 4 CD’s on the pile. The one above the WipeBook is a Rolling Stones anthology, the next two are a couple of Matt Costa albums, and the last is Blue October’s Any Man In America. I like all of these CD’s, but you can find them online, and I have ripped the music off them. So I don’t need disks themselves.

The shorts in the bottom right is another pair of shorts that are too big. I got them for my trip to Hawaii, and now they fall of me. I honestly thought I got rid of these already, but found them in my closet.

The computer mouse up top is super old. I got it when I first went to college. I had it around just in case, but I never really used it. Now that laptops have much better touchpads, I don’t think I’ll ever need this. I’ll buy another one in the future if I do.

The Big 5 name tag is from my first job.When I left, I made sure to hold on to this for the memories. The only reason I am going to get rid of this is because I realized I have two. Keeping both doesn’t give me twice the memories, so I can lose one of these.

It’s a little hard to see, but under the name tag there is a black pen. It has one of those chubby rubber stylus tips on the bottom. I got it thinking it’d be useful to have to mess around on touch screens. But I really don’t need a stylus on computers, since my phone is a Galaxy Note 5. My wallet has a pen and a notebook. So this is good to go.

The bottle below the pen is some white board cleaner. I found it at work in a pile of stuff that was going to be tossed. So I took it home to clean up my Wipe Book. Since I am getting rid of that, I don’t really need this anymore.

The final items are all of the Curios and Conundrums newspapers under everything. This was the main part of signing up to the subscription. They have some interesting weird stories, and also have some hidden puzzles and codes you can input on their website to find more story. It is a cool idea, and I thought I’d be into it. But I kept putting them aside to try to get to at a later date. I guess the date never came.

247 items to go.

– Shaman

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30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 19   1 comment

Today was hard. I feel like I am scraping the bottom of the barrel, and then scrapping the bottom of the barrel. I am going to try my hardest to gather 20 items for tomorrow, but after that I feel I am legitimately done. I am having difficulty finding 20 items to get rid of. There is no way I’m going to be able to get 247 more on top of that.


The first item is a set of devil horns, and the spirit gum to stick them on. I got them a few years ago for Halloween. To my workplace was a devil. To my friends I was an atheist. It was a fun costume, but I’m not using them now. They were only $10, so if I really need another pair I can get one.

The item next to it is a piece of flint. My brother got it for me to try flint knapping. Although it is a cool thing to try, I never really had an interest in it. I’ve heard that, until you get good at it, it can really injure your hands. Plus, what would I do with the resulting arrowhead or dagger?

The item under that is a headphone splitter. I bought it because I found myself needing to share music with others. However, the moment I bought it I kept forgetting I had it. I never use it, and it drops the quality of the music.

Under that is the default wristband for my ZTE Quartz smartwatch. I ended up buying a replacement metal Milanese band instead. I may switch the band in the future, but not back to this one.

The next item is a pocket watch. I got it from a store as an impulse buy, and wore it for a little bit. But in the age of cellphones, I never used it. I added it to a costume I wore, but other than that I have no use for it. So it can go.

The next item is a rock. I don’t know why I had a rock. But it was in my items I tend to hold on to. Must not be too important.

The item next to the watch on the right is a pair of boot laces. It was another Bespokepost add-on. I have boots, but they don’t lace up. So I don’t need these.

Below that is a set of water absorbing crystals. I got them from a joke shop. The idea is you throw them into someones drink or toilet bowl, and it turns the water into sludge. I’m not a prankster, and these don’t work too well anyways.

The clear plastic case next to them is a contact lens case. It came with a magic trick, as a way to store some of the chemicals needed for performing the trick in an impromptu setting. I used a better case for this, so I can throw this one out.

The jar above that is a near empty case of Tiger Balm. I like Tiger Balm. It works well on sore muscles, and can help fight the pain. But this is almost gone, and I’d rather get a bigger jar next time.

The four white circles are small plastic storage jars. I bought them on an impulse, and I haven’t found a use for them. I think someone else should be able to use them.

The five games have been sitting around in my room for a while. The games are Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Kirby’s Dream Land 2, The Final Fantasy Legend, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. I played these a lot when I had the systems to play them on. But these are old. I’m not sure they even work anymore. But my friend likes old games, so I’ll give them to her.

The black circle is the cloth case I had the games stored in. My sister gave it to me, and it kept the games together. I’m sure someone will find a use for it.

The glove on the right is a slash proof glove I bought back in highschool. It was designed for security guards and police to be worn in the field. There was a pair, but I lost the left one. I’ve held on to it hoping the other one would pop up. But if I haven’t found it now, I don’t think I ever will.

The last item is the T-Shirt all of these things are sitting on. It is a Big Lebowski T-Shirt I got in a buy one get one free sale. I only got it because of said sale, but I never really wear it. I have enough shirts, so I don’t need to keep this one around.

267 items to go.

– Shaman

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30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 18   1 comment

Today is the last bit of Curios and Conundrums, and some other small odds and ends I found lying around. I’m still 100% sure I won’t make it to day 30, but I’m not sure how many more days I have to go. I’m kind of excited to see how far I can push it.


The first item is a silver lice comb called the NitPicker. It is another one of the funny gag items Curios sends. Funny, clever, but not useable or practical.

Same could be said of the St. Mark’s Hotel soap. In the newspaper that comes with it, they mention the hotel. This is probably why it was in the package.

The patsy button was another from the packages. It was funny, and I had it on my bag for a bit. But I don’t wear buttons like this, or use them on my bag.

The black fang necklace was from my brother. It looks kind of cool, but I never really found a good way to wear it.

The red bag contains a bell labeled Judas. It is another one of those things that Curios sent, to be quirky and ominous. It’s a nicely made bell at least.

The bag below that contains a metal hand. It is designed to be put on a chain. I’m sure it has more meaning than just being a creepy hand, but I don’t honestly care to find out.

The medallion below it is from a Pyrat rum bottle. My friend works at a liquor store, and when they sell orders to bars they pull all of the little odds and ends off. I was going to add it to a modded Nerf gun, but I’m not going to paint a gun any time soon.

The next on below is a bracelet. I honestly don’t remember where it came from. I wore it a lot when I was younger, but it was a pain to keep tight on my wrist. It’s been sitting in a box this whole time, so I don’t think I’ll miss it.

The dream catcher bag is super old. I believe I got it in junior high, but it could be even older. I don’t remember how I got it, but it just has been sitting in a box. I think the only reason I had it was because I had it so long.

The blue glass eye thing is another creepy curio that I never use. I guess you are supposed to put it on a necklace as well. But I don’t think it’s that cool looking.

The paperclip pentacle was something I made when I was bored at my old job. I made it only with my fingers and a letter opener, out of 6 paperclips. I’m proud of the work, but I have other paperclips things I’ve made and given to friends that are more impressive.

The piece of wood is a knot that I knocked out of a finished board. I noticed it was loose when I looked at it, and took a few minutes to pull it out. It was kind of cool, but I don’t have any reason to hold on to it.

The black clips next to the wood are some clips I got to attach my water bottle to things. I used one of them and it broke in a week, so I didn’t bother with these other two. It was probably a weight limit issue.

The steel ball above that is a steel ball. I have no idea where I got this, or why I kept it. No real loss to get rid of it.

The last items are 4 rings. I went through a bit of a jewelry phase, and so my girlfriend at the time provided me these rings. I don’t know why I have them, as none of them fit on my fingers. Even now that I have lost weight, so I won’t miss them. There are some I will keep around for the memories, but these are OK to go.

286 items to go.

– Shaman

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30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 17   1 comment

Today is a Curios and Conundrums day. I want to state up top that I don’t hate the company or the stuff they sent. If I had more free time, and if I weren’t trying to flirt with minimalism, I would probably take the time to enjoy these. Maybe one of my siblings or friends can find joy in them.


The first top item is a hunting knife I bought when I worked at Big 5. It was $20 at the time, and it’s a decent knife. But I’m not a hunter, a ninja, or a wasteland survivor. I don’t need it.

The two white items under it are fridge magnets from Curios and Conundrums. The head shaped one is meant to be similar to a phrenology diagram, and the bottom on is a bunch of small ones that are supposed to be used to spell out “arcane spells.” I haven’t used them, and probably wouldn’t even if I had a fridge.

The two items under that (the blue and brown ones) are little dioramas. I never put them together, but they are supposed to make a play or a scene. They are high quality, but I’m not one for arts and crafts.

Speaking of arts and crafts, the brown thing in the middle isn’t just a brown thing. It is actually a make it yourself paper bag mask. It is thick, decent paper made to last, and you just cut out the eye holes. Its funny, but I’m not going to use it.

The book on top is a cookbook from them called “Gruel Intentions.” It is a list of various gruel recipes, like a bread soup, a porridge, and a congee, among others. They sent lots of clever little things lie this, which is why I like them. I’m not planning on making gruel any time soon though.

The item under that is another funny craft thing. It is a DIY tinfoil hat. It comes with folding instructions and everything. I have no idea where I’d even put something like this once I built it.

The hand and bag under the tinfoil hat is a pass the blame chart. The idea is you roll the dice, and point out whoever’s fault it is. Again, it is a cute knickknack, but it only exists to show a friend once and then throw back into a box.

The two booklets in the top left (Hot Foot Hank and The Disagreeable Goat) are even more papercrafts. You cut out all of the pieces, fold and roll as necessary, and you end up with an interactive toy. As an idea I think this is an awesome, and shows a lot of ingenuity. But I would build it, play with it, and then let it gather dust.

The final item from Curios and Conundrums is the light green book under the papercraft books. It is another mini cookbook. This one is called “How to Poison Your Friends.” It has a bunch of recipes that are made using food containing poisonous compounds, like almonds and mushrooms. Nothing actually lethal of course, but it’s very tongue in cheek about it. Like the other cookbook, I’m never going to use it.

The three keys next to the cookbook are bump keys from They are very cool to use, and are used in a lot of burglaries. I’m just a hobbyist, I swear. But I don’t use them since I have no reason to bump open a lock. I have some lock picks for when I need to open things, and they are less illicit. At least they are legal in Utah.

The other thing next to the book is a pair of brass collar stays. I got them as an add-on from BespokePost, and will never use them. Maybe if I wore high-end dress shirts. Since I don’t, I’ll give them away.

The final item is a magic trick. I am not going to reveal the trick, but I will link to the listing on It is cool, and I am only getting rid of this because I bought the better version of it. My brother was excited to try to use this one in some of his videos.

302 items to go.

– Shaman

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30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 16   1 comment

I decided to continue. I gave some it some thought, and realized I definitely could get rid of more. I had lots of smaller things I didn’t account for, and many things I was planning to use “eventually.” I still don’t think I’ll hit 30 days, but I think I have a few more days left in me.


The bottom left item is a leather cigar case. You can store two regular size cigars in it. I got it when I bought a couple of cigars for my dad and I on a Father’s Day. We never ended up smoking them, and I don’t need the case anymore.

There are 5 cigars I am getting rid of. They are Romeo Y Julietas, which is my prefered brand. Two of these are the Father’s Day ones, and a couple of them are from a birthday. Obviously I don’t smoke cigars enough to need to keep them.

The pipe next to them is another item I don’t use. The rare time I smoke, I use one of my friend’s tobacco pipes he left for me to hold on to. In all honestly if I didn’t promise him that I would hold on to them, I’d probably get rid of them all.

The next is a pair of broken sunglasses. I got them from a gas station. The broke in a week.

The paper is a Home Conspiracy Theory Kit. It came as part of a subscription service I was part of called Curios and Conundrums. I thought it’d be cool, and some of the knickknacks were cool. But I never use them. Expect to see more of these items tomorrow.

The lighters are various Bic lighters. I don’t need a bunch of lighters, cause I don’t smoke. I’ll keep my Zippo just in case.

I’m counting my Blu, its charger, and refills as one item. I got this to try to use for a magic trick. It didn’t work as I needed it, so I put it away. Maybe my friend will want it, because she lost hers.

The item next to it is a cigar cutter. It was thrown in when my friend bought a couple of pricy cigars and matches. He gave it to me, but he then gave me a nicer one later. So I’ll keep that one.

The lighter next to it is designed to light a pipe. It was a pretty nice lighter, and I used it a good amount. But it seems to have a leak, and it doesn’t hold fuel well anymore. That, on top of the lack of pipe smoking, means I don’t need it any more. Matches are better for pipes anyways.

The last item is a deck candle. It came with another one of my boxes from Bespoke Post. I almost wish they wouldn’t throw in all of those extra items, as I don’t see to use them and wouldn’t buy them on their own. But I don’t subscribe to boxes like that anymore, so it’s not an issue.

319 items to go.

– Shaman

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30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 15   1 comment

Today might end up being the last day. I am going to scour my stuff for more to get rid of, but I don’t think I’ll have sixteen items to get rid of. I’ll give it my best effort though. Today was mostly clothing and movies, and if I do a tomorrow it will probably be random junk.

Minimalism - 15

I’m going to tackle the movies first.

The top left is Juno. I can’t remember when I bought it, or even why I own it. It isn’t a bad movie, but I never really watch it.

The two next to it are Power90. It is the precursor workout before you do Power 90X. I bought P90X first, because I didn’t realize I was an out of shape blob of man, and couldn’t do the super athlete work out. So I got this to get in shape, and promptly never used it.

The last two on the top row are the Harold and Kumar movies. I remember I watched both of them in high school with my friends, and quoted them all the time. I’m not a stoner, but I found them funny, and still do. But I’d probably watch them once every 5 years or so.

The bottom left movie is a Steven Segal movie. I high school I did a lot of Aikido, and so my dad would buy me Segal movies. I like Above the LAw ok, but never actually watched this one. After I learned more about Segal’s person life, I lost interest.

The next one is Mel Gibson’s The Patriot. It’s an ok movie, although not remotely historically accurate and a little over the top. I probably won’t watch it enough to keep it around.

Next to that we have Always Watching. It’s a story set in the Marble Hornet‘s universe, and is about Slenderman. It’s ok, but doesn’t really capture the feeling of Marble Hornets. I watched it once, but haven’t been interested in watching it again.

The next DVD is a collection of Mythbuster’s episodes. I like them, but the DVD has 11 random episodes. It isn’t the whole first season, and has some weird editing issues. I haven’t watched it for years, and forgot I had it around.

The last one is Blades of Glory. My sister got it for me one christmas. It’s funny, and I used to watch it a lot, but I haven’t in years.

The two clothing items flanking the DVD’s are a couple more polo’s that I don’t wear. I actually really like the red one, but it started to get holes. So I can’t wear it to work anymore. The other one is from my job at a credit union. I cannot wear it to work because of branding, so it sits in my closet.

The brown bag was the first bag I got to carry my daughter’s stuff. When she was a toddler I always made sure to have diapers, food, water, wipes and a change of clothes. The bag did its job well, but I got really beaten up and I have a replacement now.

The jacket next to it is one I got from work. I’ve decided I’m not going to keep any of the clothing my work offers. I never wear it, and it just takes up space. So this one can go away now.

The last item is the Technomancer hoodie from Thinkgeek. It was $100 dollars, and was not worth it. It was fun for about 5 minutes, and it broke about a month later. I also never wear hoodies, so now that the electronics don’t work I have no need for it. I think this item epitomizes why I want to live more minimalist. It was an impulse buy, and I got it for the wrong reasons.

335 items to go.

– Shaman


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30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 14   1 comment

Today you get two pictures. I went into the shed in the back to see if I left anything in there. I didn’t find much, but I did get a couple of bigger items to get rid of.

minimalism 14-2Minimalism 14-1

The six items in the top left are also from the Chris Angel Magic Kit. The first is a version of the pen through glass routine. It works ok, but like everything else from the kit, the trick is way to obvious. It was fun to play with though.

The cards next to it are used for a Mentalism trick. You have someone look at the cards, do some math in your head while being mystical, and then freak their mind, Chris Angel style. It’s an ok trick, but there are better versions that don’t involve specific cards.

The one next to the cards is a nails through coin trick. You put a coin in the box, and then you take a bunch of nails as stab them through the coin. After showing the coin has been penetrated, you remove the nails, and show that the coin is undamaged. I like this one, and want to find a more subtle version of it.

The three ones above the cards are tricks I never used and don’t really know how to do. They weren’t very impressive and involved way to much prep to get to work. Plus, they have the super obvious branding from Chris Angel, so I don’t mind getting rid of these as well.

The packs of cards are two special editions of Bicycle playing cards. One is a Civil War deck, where the face cards are famous figures from the era, like Lincoln or Robert E. Lee. The other one is a pack of U.S President playing cards. They have all the presidents up to Obama, plus some first ladies and other famous figures to round it to 52 cards. They are fun to look at, but they would just sit in my box most of the time.

The pens and pencils are brand new packs I bought when I went back to school. It was a stupid purchase, because I do everything on my computer. They are unopened, so they wont go to waste, but it shows I need to stop and think about my purchases.

The top right item is a cell phone. It was my second smart phine, and it lasted for a couple of years. It still works now, but it is super slow. I was going to try and root it to turn it into a gaming phone for my daughter, but this model cannot be rooted. This will probably end up getting sent to a third world country as electronics waste, but hopefully they can get some use out of this.

The item next to the phone is a survial box. It has a compass, thermometer, hygrometer, signal mirror, level, whistle, flint and steel, and tweezers. It would be a pretty good thing to throw in a camping bag or survival kit. But I don’t go camping often enough to keep this around, especially since this only cost $10.

The final two items were in the shed. The first was a pair of dumbells with weights. Although I could have counted them as more than one item, I know I wouldn’t use 3 weight plates or an empty dumbell bar. I got these from my ex’s father, after they moved from their house in Salt Lake. I used them a bit, and they work ok. But they got left outside, and the weather has corroded them. I don’t think I want to put in the effort to make them pretty again, so I’ll just stick with body weight excersises.

The last item is a camping chair. My brother bought it for me years ago. It was a nice gift and a nice thought. It is also a nice chair, with a foot rest and cup holder. But I’ve only used it a handful of times. I don’t go camping, and if I sit in the yard it is easier to grab a chair from inside than it is to grab this from the shed. My mom wants to keep it as a spare, and I’m ok with that.

350 items to go.

– Shaman

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30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 13   1 comment

I got “lucky” yesterday. Lucky as far as this challenge is concerned, but unlucky because my shoes got ruined. I stepped on a bunch of goat head thorns, and it punched a bunch of holes in my shoes and tore my socks. So I got two more items to add to the pile, although now I need to buy some shoes.

Minimalism - Day 13

I got the shoes from They were more expensive than what I usually buy. I got them because I was hoping they would last me a year or two, since they were supposed to be higher quality. I walk a lot, so I know I am rough on shoes, but these barely lasted 6 months. I am an 8.5 extra wide, so finding shoes is hard enough. I think I’ll just buy cheap shoes, and keep the nice purchases for my dress shoes.

The socks next to them lasted longer. I got these about a year ago from It was one of their extra add-ons when I first signed up. I like them, and would wear them all the time. But they became a casualty yesterday’s mishap, so I’ll get rid of them as well.

The headphones up top are from a studio starter set. It came with an interface, a microphone, and the headphones. They work OK, but I must have somehow damaged them in storage, because now the left ear will cut in and out when you move the cord. I didn’t get to use them much, so it is a little sad to get rid of them so soon. But if they don’t work, then why keep them?

The two items next to the headphones are from my Chris Angel magic kit. The book is the main manual that explains all of the tricks. It has a DVD in it, but I never viewed it. A lot of the tricks involve the gimmicks in the book, and they are all very basic tricks. The deck and case next to it are one of those basic tricks. As with the other trick I got rid of, these are way too obvious to be used as a normal trick. The basks and the box scream gimmick, and make it clear something is up.

The rest of the pile is Nerf guns. I went through my Nerf collection and got rid of many of them. I kept some so I can play with my friends and daughter. But I didn’t so many. I got them all at various times; some as gifts and some as impulse purchases. A few of them have been modified to shoot harder and farther, which is cool. Hopefully some kid will get a ton of joy terrorizing their siblings with them.

374 items to go.

– Shaman

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30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 12   1 comment

Today feels a little bit like cheating. I am getting rid of a lot of the same thing. I debated counting them as a group. But since I bought them and used them all separately from each other, I think it is fair. Even if it isn’t, it is not going to buy me an extra day, so it’s not a big deal.

minimalism day 12

The big black thing on the left is an organizer. I got it back when I was going to court over my daughter. I needed to make sure I had a place to keep all of my documents. A lot of them are out of date, and I consolidated what is left into a different folder. This thing is old and beat up, so I don’t feel bad tossing it out.

The five items on the bottom are notepads. The kind that you see detectives, or waitresses, use. I like to jot down notes and ideas whenever they strike me, and so I always tried to have one of these on me. But I always ended up using my phone, and now I have one in my wallet as well. I don’t know why I kept buying these, but I’m OK with them going away.

The purple notebook above them is a similar story. However, I actually love this size of notebook. They are big enough to write comfortably, but small enough to be carried around without much inconvenience. The only reason I am getting rid of it is because I use my laptop, phone, and wallet, and don’t need it. But in the future if I need to buy a notebook, I will look for this type.

The pink book is my old guitar class textbook. It was only $15, and is actually very informative. I kept it around as a reference book, but the internet makes it much less necessary. Hopefully someone else can get some use out of it.

The book next to it on the right is Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Death by Black Hole. It is a collection of his various essays he has written over the years. I like it, and read it quite a few times. But I recently got his lecture series from the Great Courses on Audible, and he covers the same essays. I listen t audio-books more, so I don’t really need this anymore.

The item under it is V for Vendetta. It is a classic graphic novel, and an example of how the medium of comics can be used to tell deep, interesting stories. I’m going to speak some blasphemy here, but I liked the movie more. It cut down on some of the extra threads, which made it easier to digest, and still hits many of the over arching themes. It’s not bad, but I find as I get older I enjoy comics less and less. My brother still is an avid collector though, so he can have this. Even though he was the one to originally buy it for me.

This last one kind of hurts. It is Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life. The reason it hurts is because my sister bought it for me for my birthday this year. I haven’t had it for very long, although I have read it all the way through. It was good choice of gift; I loved the musical and the biography. But it is because I loved the musical and biography that I don’t need it. I know 8th level Hamilton spells, and this is a book of only cantrips. My mom is excited to gain a level in Hamilton though, so I gave it to her.

387 items to go.

– Shaman

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