30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 16   1 comment

I decided to continue. I gave some it some thought, and realized I definitely could get rid of more. I had lots of smaller things I didn’t account for, and many things I was planning to use “eventually.” I still don’t think I’ll hit 30 days, but I think I have a few more days left in me.


The bottom left item is a leather cigar case. You can store two regular size cigars in it. I got it when I bought a couple of cigars for my dad and I on a Father’s Day. We never ended up smoking them, and I don’t need the case anymore.

There are 5 cigars I am getting rid of. They are Romeo Y Julietas, which is my prefered brand. Two of these are the Father’s Day ones, and a couple of them are from a birthday. Obviously I don’t smoke cigars enough to need to keep them.

The pipe next to them is another item I don’t use. The rare time I smoke, I use one of my friend’s tobacco pipes he left for me to hold on to. In all honestly if I didn’t promise him that I would hold on to them, I’d probably get rid of them all.

The next is a pair of broken sunglasses. I got them from a gas station. The broke in a week.

The paper is a Home Conspiracy Theory Kit. It came as part of a subscription service I was part of called Curios and Conundrums. I thought it’d be cool, and some of the knickknacks were cool. But I never use them. Expect to see more of these items tomorrow.

The lighters are various Bic lighters. I don’t need a bunch of lighters, cause I don’t smoke. I’ll keep my Zippo just in case.

I’m counting my Blu, its charger, and refills as one item. I got this to try to use for a magic trick. It didn’t work as I needed it, so I put it away. Maybe my friend will want it, because she lost hers.

The item next to it is a cigar cutter. It was thrown in when my friend bought a couple of pricy cigars and matches. He gave it to me, but he then gave me a nicer one later. So I’ll keep that one.

The lighter next to it is designed to light a pipe. It was a pretty nice lighter, and I used it a good amount. But it seems to have a leak, and it doesn’t hold fuel well anymore. That, on top of the lack of pipe smoking, means I don’t need it any more. Matches are better for pipes anyways.

The last item is a deck candle. It came with another one of my boxes from Bespoke Post. I almost wish they wouldn’t throw in all of those extra items, as I don’t see to use them and wouldn’t buy them on their own. But I don’t subscribe to boxes like that anymore, so it’s not an issue.

319 items to go.

– Shaman

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