30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 5   1 comment

Day 5 was tough. I am running out of the obvious and easy things. On top of that, all the other things I can think of are buried in my closet. Which is a good thing. But it means I’m going to have to try a little harder going forward, and start unpacking the crap I’ve hidden away. 

Minimalism Day 5

The textbook under the other items if from my recent foray back to college. I finished up my abandoned associate’s degree, and so I got to reacquaint myself with the joy of buying overpriced textbooks I’ll never need again. Wikipedia is a thing, as is google, so I don’t really need it. Plus, it was a gen-ed class, so I knew most of it. My friend seemed interested in reading it, so I’ll give it to her. 

The blue thing is a limited-edition Fire Emblem 3DS. My brother gave it to me after he upgraded his to the newer model. I played it quite a lot, but then the shoulder buttons wore out. I’ve upgraded to the newer limited-edition Fire Emblem 3DSXL, so I can get rid of this one. My brother will probably want it back. 

The metal tin on the top right is a half-used pine scented candle. I got it along with some nice headphones from Bespoke Post. I don’t get a lot of stuff from them, but I do love the headphones. I even used the candle occasionally, but the scent wasn’t very strong. I kept telling myself I’d use what is left, but I know I won’t. In the trash it goes. 

The necklace on the left is a necklace knife shaped like a dragon. I am pretty sure it was a years old gift from one of my brothers. the knife part is kind of cool, but it is heavy and kind of gaudy. I wore it a few times, but I think I held on to it mostly because it was a gift. I think my brother will like it, even if it was originally a gift he gave me. 

The last item is another knife. To be completely honest, I don’t remember where or when I got this. I think it is an old one I bought when I was under 18. It isn’t bad, although the knife is a little lose. I think it could be tightened up and fixed, and the blade is still sharp. If I didn’t already own better knives, I might have kept this. But my brother asked if he could have any and all knives I wanted to get rid of, so it is his now. 

450 items to go. 

– Shaman 


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