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Today you get two pictures. I went into the shed in the back to see if I left anything in there. I didn’t find much, but I did get a couple of bigger items to get rid of.

minimalism 14-2Minimalism 14-1

The six items in the top left are also from the Chris Angel Magic Kit. The first is a version of the pen through glass routine. It works ok, but like everything else from the kit, the trick is way to obvious. It was fun to play with though.

The cards next to it are used for a Mentalism trick. You have someone look at the cards, do some math in your head while being mystical, and then freak their mind, Chris Angel style. It’s an ok trick, but there are better versions that don’t involve specific cards.

The one next to the cards is a nails through coin trick. You put a coin in the box, and then you take a bunch of nails as stab them through the coin. After showing the coin has been penetrated, you remove the nails, and show that the coin is undamaged. I like this one, and want to find a more subtle version of it.

The three ones above the cards are tricks I never used and don’t really know how to do. They weren’t very impressive and involved way to much prep to get to work. Plus, they have the super obvious branding from Chris Angel, so I don’t mind getting rid of these as well.

The packs of cards are two special editions of Bicycle playing cards. One is a Civil War deck, where the face cards are famous figures from the era, like Lincoln or Robert E. Lee. The other one is a pack of U.S President playing cards. They have all the presidents up to Obama, plus some first ladies and other famous figures to round it to 52 cards. They are fun to look at, but they would just sit in my box most of the time.

The pens and pencils are brand new packs I bought when I went back to school. It was a stupid purchase, because I do everything on my computer. They are unopened, so they wont go to waste, but it shows I need to stop and think about my purchases.

The top right item is a cell phone. It was my second smart phine, and it lasted for a couple of years. It still works now, but it is super slow. I was going to try and root it to turn it into a gaming phone for my daughter, but this model cannot be rooted. This will probably end up getting sent to a third world country as electronics waste, but hopefully they can get some use out of this.

The item next to the phone is a survial box. It has a compass, thermometer, hygrometer, signal mirror, level, whistle, flint and steel, and tweezers. It would be a pretty good thing to throw in a camping bag or survival kit. But I don’t go camping often enough to keep this around, especially since this only cost $10.

The final two items were in the shed. The first was a pair of dumbells with weights. Although I could have counted them as more than one item, I know I wouldn’t use 3 weight plates or an empty dumbell bar. I got these from my ex’s father, after they moved from their house in Salt Lake. I used them a bit, and they work ok. But they got left outside, and the weather has corroded them. I don’t think I want to put in the effort to make them pretty again, so I’ll just stick with body weight excersises.

The last item is a camping chair. My brother bought it for me years ago. It was a nice gift and a nice thought. It is also a nice chair, with a foot rest and cup holder. But I’ve only used it a handful of times. I don’t go camping, and if I sit in the yard it is easier to grab a chair from inside than it is to grab this from the shed. My mom wants to keep it as a spare, and I’m ok with that.

350 items to go.

– Shaman

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