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Today was hard. I feel like I am scraping the bottom of the barrel, and then scrapping the bottom of the barrel. I am going to try my hardest to gather 20 items for tomorrow, but after that I feel I am legitimately done. I am having difficulty finding 20 items to get rid of. There is no way I’m going to be able to get 247 more on top of that.


The first item is a set of devil horns, and the spirit gum to stick them on. I got them a few years ago for Halloween. To my workplace was a devil. To my friends I was an atheist. It was a fun costume, but I’m not using them now. They were only $10, so if I really need another pair I can get one.

The item next to it is a piece of flint. My brother got it for me to try flint knapping. Although it is a cool thing to try, I never really had an interest in it. I’ve heard that, until you get good at it, it can really injure your hands. Plus, what would I do with the resulting arrowhead or dagger?

The item under that is a headphone splitter. I bought it because I found myself needing to share music with others. However, the moment I bought it I kept forgetting I had it. I never use it, and it drops the quality of the music.

Under that is the default wristband for my ZTE Quartz smartwatch. I ended up buying a replacement metal Milanese band instead. I may switch the band in the future, but not back to this one.

The next item is a pocket watch. I got it from a store as an impulse buy, and wore it for a little bit. But in the age of cellphones, I never used it. I added it to a costume I wore, but other than that I have no use for it. So it can go.

The next item is a rock. I don’t know why I had a rock. But it was in my items I tend to hold on to. Must not be too important.

The item next to the watch on the right is a pair of boot laces. It was another Bespokepost add-on. I have boots, but they don’t lace up. So I don’t need these.

Below that is a set of water absorbing crystals. I got them from a joke shop. The idea is you throw them into someones drink or toilet bowl, and it turns the water into sludge. I’m not a prankster, and these don’t work too well anyways.

The clear plastic case next to them is a contact lens case. It came with a magic trick, as a way to store some of the chemicals needed for performing the trick in an impromptu setting. I used a better case for this, so I can throw this one out.

The jar above that is a near empty case of Tiger Balm. I like Tiger Balm. It works well on sore muscles, and can help fight the pain. But this is almost gone, and I’d rather get a bigger jar next time.

The four white circles are small plastic storage jars. I bought them on an impulse, and I haven’t found a use for them. I think someone else should be able to use them.

The five games have been sitting around in my room for a while. The games are Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Kirby’s Dream Land 2, The Final Fantasy Legend, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. I played these a lot when I had the systems to play them on. But these are old. I’m not sure they even work anymore. But my friend likes old games, so I’ll give them to her.

The black circle is the cloth case I had the games stored in. My sister gave it to me, and it kept the games together. I’m sure someone will find a use for it.

The glove on the right is a slash proof glove I bought back in highschool. It was designed for security guards and police to be worn in the field. There was a pair, but I lost the left one. I’ve held on to it hoping the other one would pop up. But if I haven’t found it now, I don’t think I ever will.

The last item is the T-Shirt all of these things are sitting on. It is a Big Lebowski T-Shirt I got in a buy one get one free sale. I only got it because of said sale, but I never really wear it. I have enough shirts, so I don’t need to keep this one around.

267 items to go.

– Shaman

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