30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 10   1 comment

Today I had some help going through my things. My friend came over, and the company helped me sort a lot of the stuff in my closet, and pull out a lot of the stuff I don’t care about. Should make the rest of the challenge easier. She also took a majority of the below off of my hands.


The book on the top left it a fancy, hardbound copy of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Anansi Boys. American Gods is probably my favorite book, and I love Anansi Boys as well. I love them so much, in fact, that I have multiple copies of both already. But for Christmas my family got this copy for me. I really appreciate it, but I wouldn’t use it since I have all of my other, smaller, pocket book versions of them. My friend hasn’t read either though, so I gave them to her.

The pack of cards features famous authors from history and the books they’ve written. You can use them to play normal cards, and there is a game you can play with the authors. I haven’t really used them to try either, and only bought them because I used to like collecting interesting playing cards. My friend should get some use out of them.

The item next to it is the Lock-Proof Pen from Scam Stuff. It is a pen with a tactical self defense cap, a glass breaker, and a set of lock-picks stored inside. If I had a car it might be a useful thing to throw in a glove box in case of an emergency. But I have multiple lock pick sets, so I don’t need it. My friend will throw it in her glove box.

The other black object, next to the book on the bottom right, is a flashlight that came with the lock-proof pen. Nothing special about it, just a flashlight. It will sit in my friend’s glove box as well.

The book is a collection of poems by Rumi. My friend was moving, and gave it to me. I never really got into it, but that may be because I was just skimming random pages. I’m probably too cynical to enjoy all of the upbeat and loving poetry. But my friend seemed to like it.

The two clothing items under the stuff on the right are thermal underwear. I live in Utah and take the bus, so staying warm in the winter is important. My mom bought me the camo ones years ago, and the others are my own. I’ve outgrown them now, so I’ll donate them.

The metal object on top of the book on the right is Scam Stuff’s All-Access Card. It’s a credit card sized multi-tool you keep in your wallet. It is cool, but I got this second one as a extra gift when I order something else from Scam Stuff. My mom thought it was cool, so it is hers now.

The book under that is a comic my brother got me years ago, Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland. It wasn’t a bad read, but I only ready it once or twice. My brother even admitted he was making a blind guess of what gift to give me. I’ll see if he wants it.

The last item is a black binder. Inside is a bunch of one shot adventures for the Dresden Files Role-playing Game. It is fun game, and I used them a lot. But the issue with one shot adventures is once you play them, you can’t really play them again with the same group. My friend has wanted to get into running games, so she should make use of it.

Only 410 items to go.

– Shaman

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