30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 11   1 comment

It’s getting easier. There are a few things I am still debating getting rid of, but the majority of things don’t seem that important. I am running into a different problem though: I’m running out of stuff. I was always sure I would have to stop before 30 days.  I just didn’t think it would come so soon. I’m going to keep moving along, but don’t be surprised if the last one of these posts comes up in the next few days.


Top left item is Microsoft Office 2010. I got it when I first went to college. I tend to install it whenever I get a new computer, I only need the activation key to make it work, so I don’t really need the disk.

The shirt next to it is from my first year at my job. They thought it’d be fun to get each department t-shirts. I never wear it, but I had it for the memories. But since I still work there, I don’t really need to remember it. If I quit I’ll keep a smaller memento.

The two ties are two ties. I think I got them from a thrift store. When I worked at a credit union I had to wear business clothing, and had way too many ties. I’m keeping 5 or so, but the rest can go.

The silver shorts are a pair of workout shorts that I have outgrown. I have 2 other pairs that are a little smaller. I only ever wear them to sleep in, so I don’t need so many pairs. If I join a gym again, maybe I would need more.

The Einstein t-shirt never really fit me. Both in size but also in style. Lately I feel people are venerating scientists too much like celebrities, and for shallow reasons. Einstein was a genius, but that doesn’t mean he should be a pop icon. Also, it looks like I am squeezing into a sausage case when I wear it.

The two pieces of clothing flanking Einstein are pajama pants. I usually wear them, but they are falling apart, with holes and tears all over. I don’t wear them often, especially in the summer, so I think it is time for them to go.

The balls on top of the green pajamas are some of those Tai Chi meditation balls. I am pretty sure I got them in high school from the mall. I used to use them a lot back then, but I lost them. I only found these as I was cleaning my room. I haven’t missed them, so no big loss.

The wooden box with dominoes on it is a wooden box with dominoes in it. This was anther thing I save when my friend moved. I kept it around because my daughter liked playing with them. She’s got other toys, and I don’t need them.

The shoes were a pair I was keeping around for when I need to do dirty work. I don’t do things like painting and yard work very often, and these mostly take up space. If I need cheap shoes in the future, I’ll buy them. Or just use my current shoes when they get old.

399 items to go.

– Shaman

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