30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 1   1 comment

 First day will be nice and short, as I only have to get rid of one item. 

I decided to get rid of an old pack of green Bicycle playing cards:

Green Bicycle Cards

This seems like a small item, and it is. But I have held onto them for a while. I bought them while I was in Hawaii in case my friend and I wanted to play cribbage. I can’t honestly remember if we did, but when I got back to Utah I carried these around with my all the time. I like the green color, as it is rare to find. Supposedly they are made for members of the military to play cards in low and red-light environments.

These have been shuffled and used so much that the box fell apart and the cards all stick together. They have lived a long life for cards. I think I was holding onto them partially for the memories, but also because I kept thinking I would turn them into magic gimmicks, or some sort of art. But I have a surplus of cards, and other Hawaii souvenirs. So instead, I will give these the honor of being the first thing to go.

Only 464 items to go.

– Shaman

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