30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 15   1 comment

Today might end up being the last day. I am going to scour my stuff for more to get rid of, but I don’t think I’ll have sixteen items to get rid of. I’ll give it my best effort though. Today was mostly clothing and movies, and if I do a tomorrow it will probably be random junk.

Minimalism - 15

I’m going to tackle the movies first.

The top left is Juno. I can’t remember when I bought it, or even why I own it. It isn’t a bad movie, but I never really watch it.

The two next to it are Power90. It is the precursor workout before you do Power 90X. I bought P90X first, because I didn’t realize I was an out of shape blob of man, and couldn’t do the super athlete work out. So I got this to get in shape, and promptly never used it.

The last two on the top row are the Harold and Kumar movies. I remember I watched both of them in high school with my friends, and quoted them all the time. I’m not a stoner, but I found them funny, and still do. But I’d probably watch them once every 5 years or so.

The bottom left movie is a Steven Segal movie. I high school I did a lot of Aikido, and so my dad would buy me Segal movies. I like Above the LAw ok, but never actually watched this one. After I learned more about Segal’s person life, I lost interest.

The next one is Mel Gibson’s The Patriot. It’s an ok movie, although not remotely historically accurate and a little over the top. I probably won’t watch it enough to keep it around.

Next to that we have Always Watching. It’s a story set in the Marble Hornet‘s universe, and is about Slenderman. It’s ok, but doesn’t really capture the feeling of Marble Hornets. I watched it once, but haven’t been interested in watching it again.

The next DVD is a collection of Mythbuster’s episodes. I like them, but the DVD has 11 random episodes. It isn’t the whole first season, and has some weird editing issues. I haven’t watched it for years, and forgot I had it around.

The last one is Blades of Glory. My sister got it for me one christmas. It’s funny, and I used to watch it a lot, but I haven’t in years.

The two clothing items flanking the DVD’s are a couple more polo’s that I don’t wear. I actually really like the red one, but it started to get holes. So I can’t wear it to work anymore. The other one is from my job at a credit union. I cannot wear it to work because of branding, so it sits in my closet.

The brown bag was the first bag I got to carry my daughter’s stuff. When she was a toddler I always made sure to have diapers, food, water, wipes and a change of clothes. The bag did its job well, but I got really beaten up and I have a replacement now.

The jacket next to it is one I got from work. I’ve decided I’m not going to keep any of the clothing my work offers. I never wear it, and it just takes up space. So this one can go away now.

The last item is the Technomancer hoodie from Thinkgeek. It was $100 dollars, and was not worth it. It was fun for about 5 minutes, and it broke about a month later. I also never wear hoodies, so now that the electronics don’t work I have no need for it. I think this item epitomizes why I want to live more minimalist. It was an impulse buy, and I got it for the wrong reasons.

335 items to go.

– Shaman


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