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Today is a Curios and Conundrums day. I want to state up top that I don’t hate the company or the stuff they sent. If I had more free time, and if I weren’t trying to flirt with minimalism, I would probably take the time to enjoy these. Maybe one of my siblings or friends can find joy in them.


The first top item is a hunting knife I bought when I worked at Big 5. It was $20 at the time, and it’s a decent knife. But I’m not a hunter, a ninja, or a wasteland survivor. I don’t need it.

The two white items under it are fridge magnets from Curios and Conundrums. The head shaped one is meant to be similar to a phrenology diagram, and the bottom on is a bunch of small ones that are supposed to be used to spell out “arcane spells.” I haven’t used them, and probably wouldn’t even if I had a fridge.

The two items under that (the blue and brown ones) are little dioramas. I never put them together, but they are supposed to make a play or a scene. They are high quality, but I’m not one for arts and crafts.

Speaking of arts and crafts, the brown thing in the middle isn’t just a brown thing. It is actually a make it yourself paper bag mask. It is thick, decent paper made to last, and you just cut out the eye holes. Its funny, but I’m not going to use it.

The book on top is a cookbook from them called “Gruel Intentions.” It is a list of various gruel recipes, like a bread soup, a porridge, and a congee, among others. They sent lots of clever little things lie this, which is why I like them. I’m not planning on making gruel any time soon though.

The item under that is another funny craft thing. It is a DIY tinfoil hat. It comes with folding instructions and everything. I have no idea where I’d even put something like this once I built it.

The hand and bag under the tinfoil hat is a pass the blame chart. The idea is you roll the dice, and point out whoever’s fault it is. Again, it is a cute knickknack, but it only exists to show a friend once and then throw back into a box.

The two booklets in the top left (Hot Foot Hank and The Disagreeable Goat) are even more papercrafts. You cut out all of the pieces, fold and roll as necessary, and you end up with an interactive toy. As an idea I think this is an awesome, and shows a lot of ingenuity. But I would build it, play with it, and then let it gather dust.

The final item from Curios and Conundrums is the light green book under the papercraft books. It is another mini cookbook. This one is called “How to Poison Your Friends.” It has a bunch of recipes that are made using food containing poisonous compounds, like almonds and mushrooms. Nothing actually lethal of course, but it’s very tongue in cheek about it. Like the other cookbook, I’m never going to use it.

The three keys next to the cookbook are bump keys from scamstuff.com. They are very cool to use, and are used in a lot of burglaries. I’m just a hobbyist, I swear. But I don’t use them since I have no reason to bump open a lock. I have some lock picks for when I need to open things, and they are less illicit. At least they are legal in Utah.

The other thing next to the book is a pair of brass collar stays. I got them as an add-on from BespokePost, and will never use them. Maybe if I wore high-end dress shirts. Since I don’t, I’ll give them away.

The final item is a magic trick. I am not going to reveal the trick, but I will link to the listing on scamstuff.com. It is cool, and I am only getting rid of this because I bought the better version of it. My brother was excited to try to use this one in some of his videos.

302 items to go.

– Shaman

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