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Today is, most likely, my last day of this. I’m going to do one last check to see if there is anything else I would be getting rid of. There might be something I overlooked. The funny thing is, I want to keep going. I want to find more things to get rid of, and I really want to get to day 30. I know that it can’t happen, but I really want it to.


First item is an old bottle of multivitamins. I bought them years ago, and kept forgetting to take them. I have a new bottle that I will neglect, so I’ll toss these.

The item under this is a Stove In A Can. It is a portable camping stove, with some solid wood pulp fuel. It isn’t bad, and could be good for an emergency. But a flint and steel are just as useful, and don’t take as much space.

The blue container was storing all of the stuff I got rid of yesterday. I got it from my ex, who got it from her work. It is a container that held lab equipment, and she had 20 of them. It is nice, but since I don’t have stuff to store in it, I don’t need it.

The container under that is Activated Carbon. It is used for filtering fish tanks, although I used it to filter vodka. I wanted to see if I could increase the quality of bad alcohol. It works, but it isn’t really worth the effort. I was keeping this around until I wanted to try again, but I don’t think I will soon enough to make it worth it.

The poster next to it is from The Oatmeal. It is a poster version of How To Know Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You. It is funny, but I don’t really do posters, so I’ll give this away.

The white book next to the poster it a WipeBook. It is a dry erase notebook. It is a unique concept, and I used it ok. But this is another one of those things I don’t use because I have a computer. If I was a sketch artist this would be useful, but I’m not.

I have 4 CD’s on the pile. The one above the WipeBook is a Rolling Stones anthology, the next two are a couple of Matt Costa albums, and the last is Blue October’s Any Man In America. I like all of these CD’s, but you can find them online, and I have ripped the music off them. So I don’t need disks themselves.

The shorts in the bottom right is another pair of shorts that are too big. I got them for my trip to Hawaii, and now they fall of me. I honestly thought I got rid of these already, but found them in my closet.

The computer mouse up top is super old. I got it when I first went to college. I had it around just in case, but I never really used it. Now that laptops have much better touchpads, I don’t think I’ll ever need this. I’ll buy another one in the future if I do.

The Big 5 name tag is from my first job.When I left, I made sure to hold on to this for the memories. The only reason I am going to get rid of this is because I realized I have two. Keeping both doesn’t give me twice the memories, so I can lose one of these.

It’s a little hard to see, but under the name tag there is a black pen. It has one of those chubby rubber stylus tips on the bottom. I got it thinking it’d be useful to have to mess around on touch screens. But I really don’t need a stylus on computers, since my phone is a Galaxy Note 5. My wallet has a pen and a notebook. So this is good to go.

The bottle below the pen is some white board cleaner. I found it at work in a pile of stuff that was going to be tossed. So I took it home to clean up my Wipe Book. Since I am getting rid of that, I don’t really need this anymore.

The final items are all of the Curios and Conundrums newspapers under everything. This was the main part of signing up to the subscription. They have some interesting weird stories, and also have some hidden puzzles and codes you can input on their website to find more story. It is a cool idea, and I thought I’d be into it. But I kept putting them aside to try to get to at a later date. I guess the date never came.

247 items to go.

– Shaman

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