30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 13   1 comment

I got “lucky” yesterday. Lucky as far as this challenge is concerned, but unlucky because my shoes got ruined. I stepped on a bunch of goat head thorns, and it punched a bunch of holes in my shoes and tore my socks. So I got two more items to add to the pile, although now I need to buy some shoes.

Minimalism - Day 13

I got the shoes from zappos.com. They were more expensive than what I usually buy. I got them because I was hoping they would last me a year or two, since they were supposed to be higher quality. I walk a lot, so I know I am rough on shoes, but these barely lasted 6 months. I am an 8.5 extra wide, so finding shoes is hard enough. I think I’ll just buy cheap shoes, and keep the nice purchases for my dress shoes.

The socks next to them lasted longer. I got these about a year ago from bespokepost.com. It was one of their extra add-ons when I first signed up. I like them, and would wear them all the time. But they became a casualty yesterday’s mishap, so I’ll get rid of them as well.

The headphones up top are from a studio starter set. It came with an interface, a microphone, and the headphones. They work OK, but I must have somehow damaged them in storage, because now the left ear will cut in and out when you move the cord. I didn’t get to use them much, so it is a little sad to get rid of them so soon. But if they don’t work, then why keep them?

The two items next to the headphones are from my Chris Angel magic kit. The book is the main manual that explains all of the tricks. It has a DVD in it, but I never viewed it. A lot of the tricks involve the gimmicks in the book, and they are all very basic tricks. The deck and case next to it are one of those basic tricks. As with the other trick I got rid of, these are way too obvious to be used as a normal trick. The basks and the box scream gimmick, and make it clear something is up.

The rest of the pile is Nerf guns. I went through my Nerf collection and got rid of many of them. I kept some so I can play with my friends and daughter. But I didn’t so many. I got them all at various times; some as gifts and some as impulse purchases. A few of them have been modified to shoot harder and farther, which is cool. Hopefully some kid will get a ton of joy terrorizing their siblings with them.

374 items to go.

– Shaman

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