30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 8   1 comment

I’m now running into a new problem: I am going to have to start getting rid of gifts. Since I am posting this for everyone to see, it can be a little harsh. Its not that I don’t appreciate a nice gift. But what is sadder: giving a gift to someone who will use it, or letting sit in a box, collecting dust? I know I’m not going to convince everyone of that, but that’s how I feel about it.

Minimalism Day 8

The bottom left item is a gag book someone gave me. It is a print version of The Brick Testament. It is funny, makes a good conversation piece. But I don’t ever really read it. If I want to I can go to the website. My brother took it off my hands.

The other 3 books are The Dresden Files graphic novels. I am a fan of the books, and they were enjoyable when I got them. But I don’t really read them that often. Plus, with the exception of the red one, the writing is a little weak. But my brother loves the artist, so he took them as well.

The chrome thing is a mask I bought from a Halloween store. I don’t honestly know why. I think I was planning a costume for a party or something like that. It is cool looking, but I can always buy or make another one if I ever think of a use for it.

The ominous pack of cards comes from a Chris Angel magic kit. My mom bought it for me when I was younger, and I used a good amount of it. But, like every beginner magic kit, a lot of the gimmicks don’t look very convincing, or don’t work well. The trick you can do with the cards is actually usable, except for the fact that the cards are obviously not normal. I’ll donate them, and maybe someone else will find them useful.

The little red bag thing is a set of Bluetooth headphones. I wear headphones all of the time, and these were incredibly useful. The only reason I stopped using them is because I got new better pair when I bought my new phone. So I gave them to my other brother.

Finally we have the first of the gift I am getting rid of. This is The Hamilton Mixtape. My mom got it for me last Christmas. I love Hamilton, and got a little obsessed with it for months. The mixtape is OK, but part of what I like about Hamilton is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s writing talent. I’m not a fan of the covers, and some of the remixes are OK. But I also could get it digitally if I want it. My mom loves Hamilton, so I’ll give it to her.

Only 429 items to go.

– Shaman

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