30-Day Minimalism Game – Day 9   1 comment

Today was an easier day, as I took the time to go through my wardrobe. I’ve enough weight and have kept it off long enough to hit that awkward phase where I’m afraid to buy new clothes, in case I lose more weight. Its a good problem to have.


There isn’t much to say about the 4 pairs of pants. I got them from Walmart, or Kmart, or some sort of S-Mart. They are in various states of disrepair, and I had them lying around in case I some how went through all of my other, fitting clothes. They are size 42, and I am now a loose size 38. I can donate these, and someone will get a use out of them.

The red shirt on the left is just a red shirt. I don’t remember where I got it, or how long I’ve had it. I think I was keeping it as a spare T-Shirt, but I have way too many shirts already.

The shirt on the bottom right is a gag shirt I bought 8 or so years ago. I think it is funny. Who doesn’t want to know the proper way to pick up chicks? But I don’t really wear it anymore, since I work full time in a more professional environment. Plus, it’s a little big for me now.

I got the patterned shorts for my trip to Hawaii, and they served me well. But they fall off whenever I walk more than 5 steps, even with a belt. I like the style, but I’ll need to get another size.

The item in the middle, on top of the jeans, is a set of suspenders. My dad gave them to me back in high school. I believe it was to wear them to the prom. I don’t think they fit me back them, and although they fit now, I cannot think of a time I would ever wear suspenders.

The last item is a tie. I believe it came with my old high school suit. It’s an OK looking tie, but I never really need to wear a tie any more. I actually have more ties that I’ll probably get rid of, so this one gets the honor of being first.

Only 420 items to go.

– Shaman

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