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Essential (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #16)   Leave a comment

I’m the stop gap, the bottleneck
The pack mule of this future tech
The domino you shouldn’t flick
The golden one, the crucial brick
The dam who holds the torrent back
The jar without a single crack
Or so I hope, but worst of all
No one knows I’m about to fall.

– Shaman Romney 2021

Posted 04/16/2021 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2021

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Day Off (National Poetry Writing Month 2017 #24)   Leave a comment

Taking a day off
Is just work postponed
The emails keep coming
The pile keeps growing
The problems get worse
So my mind can’t rest
As I cannot relax
And forget about work
Because work never rests

– Shaman Romney 2017

End Road Work (National Poetry Writing Month #4)   Leave a comment


End road work
The road has worked hard enough
No one cares about road’s rights
Always being put down by people smarter than them
Being walked all over
It’s not fair
Roads have lives too
They constantly cross each other’s paths
How would you like working 365 days a year, huh?

– Shaman Romney 2017

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Work Me (National Poetry Writing Month #23)   Leave a comment

Work me when I wake up
Work me every day
Work me til there is no other way

Work me til I’m anxious
Work me past too tired
Work me past the date that I’m expired

Work me when you want to
Work me when you can
Work me to the shell of a bitter man

Work me til I’m hopeless
Work me when I’m broken
Work me with false promises you’ve spoken

Work me past the bleeding,
Work me to the core
Work me til I’m not human anymore

Work me past exhaustion
Work me to the bone
Work me past the yearning to go home

Work me in my nightmares
Work me past my dreams
Work me til I’m ripping at the seams.

Work me til I’m screaming
Work me as l cry
Work me past the point of asking why

Work me when I’m tired
Work me when I’m done
Work me til you lose another one.

Work me where I’m standing
Work me in my bed
Work me til I’m on the ground, dead.

Work me past my mourning
Work me past my legacy
Work me til there’s nothing left of me.

– Shaman Romney 2016

Posted 04/23/2016 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2016

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Work Overload   Leave a comment

Work has overloaded my brain.
My emotions and thoughts drip down the drain,
Which I cannot hope to ever regain
Until from work, I do abstain.
But work moves forward like a train,
And so, I hop on once again.
Wishing this time I will remain
Happy, healthy, and (mostly) sane.

– Shaman Romney 2015

Posted 01/17/2015 by Shaman in Poetry

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Drained   Leave a comment

Drained, tired, exhausted,
My piece of mind accosted.
Shattered by the days events and more.

Weak, spent, and weary,
I find my outlook dreary
As piles of life grow too tall to ignore.

Humiliated and humbled,
Nervously I stumbled
Not knowing what next I had in store.

Now I stand and wait,
Trying desperately to abate
My heart from writing this stoccato score.

But then, a sudden conclusion
Comes much to my confusion.
My problems stay behind my bedroom door.

I’ll finally get some rest
Against the world’s behest.
A peaceful sleep is what I’m hoping for.

Maybe tomorrow will more kind.
Maybe i’ll be in less of a bind.
I wont know until I wake, that’s for sure.

Shaman Romney 2014

Posted 10/15/2014 by Shaman in Poetry

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At Work (4 Tanka)   2 comments

At Work

Thoughts come in so fast
Readily, I grab at them
They slip through my hand
Because time stops for no man
Especially here at work.

No time for the things.
Things I need more time to do.
Things that I love most.
Can’t do what I want to do
Especially here at work.

When I stop for breath
Only a moment’s respite
And then I’m pulled back
There is no time for a break
Especially here at work

I give up and wait
For the day to be over
For the time to go
I do not want to stay here
Especially here at work

-Shaman Romney 2014

(Sorry for not posting all of last week. Work was, and still is, extremely busy. Hopefully it will slow down soon. Thanks for reading.)

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Busy: a Haiku (National Poetry Writing Month #18)   Leave a comment

Busy day at work,
and not a moment to spare
in one’s fleeting life.

Shaman Romney 2014