Work Me (National Poetry Writing Month #23)   Leave a comment

Work me when I wake up
Work me every day
Work me til there is no other way

Work me til I’m anxious
Work me past too tired
Work me past the date that I’m expired

Work me when you want to
Work me when you can
Work me to the shell of a bitter man

Work me til I’m hopeless
Work me when I’m broken
Work me with false promises you’ve spoken

Work me past the bleeding,
Work me to the core
Work me til I’m not human anymore

Work me past exhaustion
Work me to the bone
Work me past the yearning to go home

Work me in my nightmares
Work me past my dreams
Work me til I’m ripping at the seams.

Work me til I’m screaming
Work me as l cry
Work me past the point of asking why

Work me when I’m tired
Work me when I’m done
Work me til you lose another one.

Work me where I’m standing
Work me in my bed
Work me til I’m on the ground, dead.

Work me past my mourning
Work me past my legacy
Work me til there’s nothing left of me.

– Shaman Romney 2016

Posted 04/23/2016 by Shay in National Poetry Writing Month 2016

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