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Growing Older (National Poetry Writing Month 2022 #4)   Leave a comment

Once upon a time 
I'd run to you when I was sad
You'd dry my tears and remind me
That it's not so bad

But just that's just how it used to be
Now it's only a memory

– SR Romney 2022

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Moving Days (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #4)   Leave a comment

Moving days
In bags and boxes
Trying to arrange
The time we have left

– SR Romney 2020

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Wasting Time (National Poetry Writing Month 2019 #14)   Leave a comment

Wasting away
The hours in the day
What can I say
Do they matter anyway?
It’s worth what I pay
If it shows me a way
From all work and no play

– Shaman Romney 2019

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Investment (National Poetry Writing Month 2019 #3)   Leave a comment

Life is an investment you pay for with time;
Interests accrue seconds of interest.
And money is much more than nickel and dime,
It’s a symbol of effort you did divest.

All too often we view our life as a game;
We buy up the tickets and hope that they pay.
Our lives are real, and are usually tame.
The lottery is throwing our time away.

If we save our minutes and value hours
Bank all our efforts, and keep looking forward.
We’ll be there when our life finally flowers
And we will be able to reap our reward.

So always remember: your time is your own,
How you spend it is your decision alone.

– Shaman Romney 2019

A Moment (National Poetry Writing Month 2018 #16)   Leave a comment

The days go so slowly,
But the weeks go so fast.
The months count down endlessly
As the years blur past.
And yet I spend hours
Counting the minutes
Until the second I finally get
To spend a moment with you.

– Shaman Romney 2018

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Fleeting: A Haiku (Plus An Update On Life)   Leave a comment

Our time is fleeting
With moments worth repeating
Fond memories earned.


Remember when I said that I might be busy because of my new job?

This quarter is the busiest time of the year, and although its overwhelming, I’m staying on top of things and doing well.However that doesn’t leave me with a lot of energy to sit down and write.

I have lots of stuff written down. Halfway decent stuff even.

But I’m having a bit of a problem with the whole typing it up and posting it thing.

So posts may be a little far apart. I’m going to keep trying, but worst case scenario you may only hear from me once a month or so.

Thanks for reading. 


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Parallel Universes   Leave a comment

I was recently reading a web fiction blog/novel called Mehpi. If you are a fan of HP Lovecraft, horror, Slenderman/ The Fear Mythos, Doctor Who, or just a good story in general, it is worth checking out. The author is currently editing it, and then they will take it down when they get a publishing deal. So there’s a time limit too. Check it out and come back here when you are done.

There was a part of the story that sparked a thought in my head, and so I wrote about it below. Spoiler free of course.

In the story, the main character is asked about parallel universes. For those who don’t know, the idea behind parallel universes is that for every decision a human makes, there are two or more possibilities. Lets use a fork in the road as an example. There is a left path and a right path, or two possibilities. At that moment, two universes are created. One where you decided to go left, and one where you went right instead.

According to the theory, that happens for every single decision made for every single person, in every part of the world, through all parts of time. Effectively there would be infinite universes, some only varying slightly from our universe here. Others completely different in every way. As any sci-fi nerd knows, it creates some fun thoughts.

So the main character is asked about them, and she starts to use a coin flip as an example. (One universe for heads, and one for tails.) She is interrupted, and the thing she is talking to tells her this (paraphrasing of course):

A coin flip is not an example of a breaking point in universes. A single coin flip is irrelevant. It is predetermined by the force applied to it, the spin imparted on it, the strength of the person flipping it, the wind in the room, etc. Nothing the coin has or does changes anything, and neither does the person. People are much more irrelevant to time than they’d like to pretend.

That got me thinking about free will again. As in, do we really have any? Removing the idea of a higher power, a soul ,or anything else like that, could things just be predetermined?

Our thoughts are electrical impulses. When those impulses fire, they stimulate different parts of our brains, and make us think and feel certain ways. We make decisions based on those thoughts and feelings, which affect others, and cause their electrical impulses to fire in specific ways. This chain goes on throughout human experience, until the end of time.

With that in mind, everything I did I was supposed to do, because my brain was shaped in the right way to make my impulses travel in the exact way they needed to in order to make me react that way. Hitler would have always been Hitler. Lincoln would have always been president, and was destined to always die by John Wilkes Booth. Our descendent’s lives are predetermined before they are even conceived.

The really creepy thing is that parallel universe theory still works, but in a much darker way. Electrons still follow the uncertainty principle, and as the character in the story points out, an electron could take a different path, and then the sun would never come to existence. In a more personal sense, the electrons causing my impulses could spark along a different path, causing me to act in a different way. Same amount of universes, but without any control on my part, or any real way to stop it. We are all predestined to choose the left path, yell at that person, steal that gum, etc. But at the same time, we are just one electron away from not existing, or becoming an axe murder.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it?


Umm… I don’t?   8 comments

Daily Prompt Time.

Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

I don’t, to be honest. I have a problem with either procrastinating until the last second, or do my projects in a rush and finish them early. It’s not about what I find fun or enjoyable, not completely. Sometimes things I enjoy take me forever, and things I hate get completed instantly. In fact, I started this post at around 9 today, and I have:
-Taken a shower.
-Watched the new episode of Cosmos.
-Took a nap.
-Watched a documentary on Einstein.
-Started to clean my room, but got bored with that and started writing again.

I enjoy writing, but for some reason it was the last thing I wanted to do. But sometimes, when i get a great idea, I’ll end up writing pages and pages of stuff, eschewing food, hygiene, friends, sex, and candy to do so.

So the better question is: how does one be a functioning adult while having the habits of a hyperactive toddler?

I do that by breaking up the stuff I don’t like to do over the day, in between breaks of doing stuff I want to do. I will, for example, write blog posts, surf Wikipedia, teach my self math, and read e books. I will occasionally take breaks from all this to actually do my job. Luckily, my job is easy and transactional, so i am able to do plenty of non-work, while only having to deal with the occasional distractions of working.

However, then we get to the question: what is wasted time? I can understand that if I sit around and do absolutely nothing, that I am wasting time. But if I am learning, expanding my brain, or making money, is it wasted time?

If that is true, then in fact I make a very good use of my time. Its just the rest of the world that is the problem. 🙂

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A Letter to My Former Self (Weekly Writing Challenge)   2 comments

First off, I tend to WAY over think things. So naturally when a prompt about time travel comes up, my mind goes off with all the things that wouldn’t work: the grandfather paradox, the conservation of history, the what-if-I-squish-the-butterfly-that-somehow-emancipates-the-slaves-and-creates-sweet-n’-low problem, etc. I think because of my tendency to over think, I can’t really do a blog post on a historical event and time. Well I could, but it would probably be way to long for anyone to bother reading, although I’m sure someone would find my ramblings about killing Hitler’s dog and investing in Google would be entertaining.

But as I thought about what I wanted to say, my thoughts turned personal. Instead of trying to do a funny rant about paradoxes, or a deep rant about why it wouldn’t work, I decided to write a letter. I wanted to write a letter to my past self, as if I had the ability to pop back and give it to myself. It ended up being very cathartic. I’ll share it below. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I did writing it:

Dear Shaman,

I know you don’t know where this letter came from. Just found it in your pocket while you are walking home. Well, I put it there. I know this is going to sound strange, but I am you, from the future.

No you aren’t about to die. No, you don’t need to save the world.


I got you, didn’t I?

If you had anything important I had to tell you, I wouldn’t be able to. Those are the rules. No I will not tell you the rules. But if you think about the paradoxes I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Just don’t over-think it too much, you’ll figure it out when you are my age. 🙂

I can’t really tell you anything important. Not big advice, or life lessons, or things to look out for. By the time this gets to you, I’ll have had to revise it so it can be sent. Not I won’t tell you that either. I will say the only reason I’m allowed is because I’m assure this will not turn you, and therefore me, into a gibbering psych patient.

So I can’t say much. But I can give you an idea of what your near future is going to hold. If you want to stop and not know anything, this would be the time to stop. I won’t judge you. It’s probably the smart thing to do.


Come on, who am I kidding?

I know you’re going to read it. No way you wouldn’t. You (I? We?) are way too curious for your (our) own good sometimes.

A couple more things before I go on. Obviously I’m avoiding names, dates or any discernible information. Pretty much anything worthwhile, actually. Even so, I would like you to read without skipping, all the way to the end. If you haven’t already skipped to the end before reading this, that is.

First off, enjoy the years you will have in high school. Yes, I know that it seems fun to feel angst-y and deep right now. But you never really grow out of it, so you should cut down on it while you still have all of these friends around. You’ll have more fun if you just lighten up, and not worry about girls and all that other crap. Don’t get me wrong, deep brooding will always be one of our hobbies. But there’s a time and place, and the girls you’re agonizing over aren’t worth it.

Instead, try to spend more time will the friends you love. It’s not that you’re going to lose them or anything tragic, but you never will capture the magic you have right now with them. People just drift apart sometimes. You’ll still love them. But you’ll also long for them all the time. I wish that I could just recapture one more conversation, one more day, one more moment you’ve yet to experience. So enjoy them while you have them. They will make wonderful memories. But don’t worry, I’ll keep making sure we have plenty of good memories to come.

You will have bad things happen to you too. That’s just the way life goes. Some will be big, some on the small side, but all of them are important. You will be more depressed then you ever thought possible. They will make you angry, and make you sick. You will feel like giving up, calling life quits and leaving it all behind. Hell, I’ve gotten closer to doing so than I’d ever care to admit. You will be more miserable, and you will suffer. (See, told you that you’ll still be angst-y.)

But don’t let all that worry you. I’m sending you this now, so obviously you make it through all of the problems you face.Weird as it sounds, you’ll look back at those times, all the pain, the frustration, the hopelessness, just as fondly as all of your happy memories. Every tear shed and wall punched will have made you a stronger person. They’ve made me a better person than I ever thought I could be. Granted, I’m still learning, and I’ve probably got some more prime suffering years ahead of me. I’ll send us both (you? my selves?) a letter when I finally get past that and get to the just plain fun parts of life.

Now, I can’t give you too much advice, for obvious reasons.  But if there is one thing I want you to remember; just one thing I want you to take from this surreal experience, is this: love your life. Love every single success, every single screw up, every bad day and every good moment. Love every single breath, every single tear, every single breath, every single moment you’re alive. Love every aspect of your existence. You get one chance, and it is far too short to spend worrying about everything you’ve done. Just enjoy it all while you can. In the end, you’ll life it right if you do that.

Sincerely you,

Shaman Romney

P.S:I promised I’d stop lying to myself. Never thought it’d be literally, but here we are. I lied to you earlier in the letter. I could have told you anything I wanted to. Who your friends will be, who will hurt you, what you end up doing to those around you. But I’m not going to. I like the way my life has gone so far, and I know you will too. You maybe mad now, but you’ll understand when you finally get here.

Today (National Poetry Writing Month #1)   Leave a comment

Today I saw my past
Flicker by, a memory
Today I saw my past
drifting towards antiquity
Tomorrow, shall I see
today as just another dream?
Tomorrow is today;
Another future memory.

-Shaman Romney 2014

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