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Glances (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #13)   Leave a comment

In shadows and in-between glances
I see my true self hidden behind an ornate mask

Of expectations and of pressures
Crafted, and then grafted, onto me against my will

A rictus smile hides the blessures
A great pretender which proves itself up to the task

I hold my breath, I wait for chances
To pull back the mask, to let myself finally spill

– SR Romney 2020

Envy (5 Landays)   Leave a comment

I’m filled with anger, hate, jealousy
Boiling up from the deepest places inside of me.

Foolishly, I will try to hide it.
In vain, I will try to take that thought and deride it

I’ll try, but it will take me under
And drown me in a roar of cacophonous thunder.

In its wake, it leaves me a shell
Trapped here to suffer, here in my own personal hell.

Filled up with greed, and pride, and envy
All because others have the joy I wanted for me.

– Shaman Romney 2016

Posted 02/17/2016 by Shaman in Poetry

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Gaming All Day (National Poetry Writing Month 2015 # 25)   Leave a comment

Some say spending all day with a game
Is a colossal waste of time, and is extremely lame.
But when you need to refresh you mind
A better alternative would be very hard to find.

– Shaman Romney 2015

Posted 04/25/2015 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2015

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Moments (National poetry Writing Month 2015 #19)   1 comment

I love the moments I spend with you.
My heart fills with sadness when my time with you is through.
I’m filled with anxiety, but then
My world is happy once more when I see you again.

– Shaman Romney 2015

Posted 04/19/2015 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2015

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