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Skull Raid (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #26)   1 comment

Oh no! A skull raid! 
A pillage of my ideas
Thought has gone missing
Nothing left to do but sleep
New thoughts will be drawn from dreams

– Shaman Romney 2021

At Work (4 Tanka)   2 comments

At Work

Thoughts come in so fast
Readily, I grab at them
They slip through my hand
Because time stops for no man
Especially here at work.

No time for the things.
Things I need more time to do.
Things that I love most.
Can’t do what I want to do
Especially here at work.

When I stop for breath
Only a moment’s respite
And then I’m pulled back
There is no time for a break
Especially here at work

I give up and wait
For the day to be over
For the time to go
I do not want to stay here
Especially here at work

-Shaman Romney 2014

(Sorry for not posting all of last week. Work was, and still is, extremely busy. Hopefully it will slow down soon. Thanks for reading.)

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