A Cat’s Day (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #10)   Leave a comment

A cat’s morning meow
A wall scratch
It’s time to get up

A cat’s midday nap
Soft warm place
Calm contented rest

A cat’s evening purr
Nice comfort
Happy and at peace

– SR Romney 2020

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Changes (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #9)   Leave a comment

When everything changes, nothing changes
Life is entropy, a forever dance
A series of energy exchanges
That passes by us in a single glance

Cycles and cycles flowing together
Becoming a colorful rainbow blend
Then floating away light as a feather
Flowing and floating again without end

Every moment is filled with a static
A hum in the background means you’re alive
Although it makes life feel so erratic
It’s in chaos where humanity thrives

When changes rear their head, you should not flee
Embrace all the new and you will be free

– SR Romney 2020

Spy (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #8)   Leave a comment

I’m a spy in enemy territory
Shuffling masks like playing cards
Closing my eyes as things get gory
Putting makeup on my scars

One false move will kill me
The mine field will explode
In this sea of humanity
I’m alone on this road

– SR Romney 2020

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Memory/Inside My Mind (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #7)   Leave a comment

My memory stills
Lost inside a dream
Moving as fate wills
Down the living stream
As I’m laid to rest
As I fade from view
As life leaves my chest
I will dream of you.

Inside my mind
I find you here
Our ties that bind
Will bring us near
No need to stay
You can be free
Just one more day
Here next to me.

My memory stills inside my mind.
Lost inside a dream, I find you here.
Moving as fate wills, our ties that bind
Down the living stream, will bring us near.
As I’m laid to rest, no need to stay.
As I fade from view, you can be free.
As life leaves my chest, just one more day
I will dream of you, here next to me.

– SR Romney 2020

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Rope (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #6)   Leave a comment

I have kinks in my life’s rope
Knots and snarls, tangles and twists
Holding me back from function
But life is a climber’s wall
So I’ll start to untangle
Until finally I’m ready
To make the journey

– SR Romney 2020

Which hat should I wear today? (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #5)   Leave a comment

Which hat should I wear today?
Which role should I try to play?
The person you want to see?
Or the one that’s really me?
Should I don the bright smile?
Or the smirk full of guile?
Face turned up in full surprise?
Or a twinkle in my eyes?
I have many masks, you know
Many that I choose to show.
Which I share and which I hide
That is for me to decide.

– SR Romney 2020

Moving Days (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #4)   Leave a comment

Moving days
In bags and boxes
Trying to arrange
The time we have left

– SR Romney 2020

Seven Loops (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #3)   Leave a comment

Seven loops
Call the troops
To see the emperor fall
In the end
The figurehead
Didn’t hold much at all
To you and me
A deity
A figure miles tall
But all the same
At the end of the game
We see our emperor fall

– SR Romney 2020

Precipice (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #2)   Leave a comment

I wish I could dance on the edge of a precipice
Drop all my fears and regrets off the edge
But in my heart I know I’m not really meant for this
Too afraid to take a step towards that ledge

Instead, I dredge up all the reasons to hide away
Excuses to run away from it all
But in my heart I know the leap is the only way
In order to fly, you first need to fall

– SR Romney 2020

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Layoff (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #1)   Leave a comment

A husband
A mother
Someone with a weak heart
Cogs in a machine no longer required
Cast into hell in their hour of need
Because of a CEO’s greed
and what his shareholders desired
But don’t worry
We’re a family
Don’t we all remember fondly the time
We took grandma out back and shot her in the head?
Or gave her a pittance and left her for dead? Because a family only cares if you are useful to them,
Otherwise you should be retired.
Left to be mired in the mud as your so called corporate “family”
Crushes you under their boot heels
Without a second glance.
“That sucks for them.”
“At least it’s not me.”
Tomorrow it could be.

– SR Romney 2020