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Overwhelmed (National Poetry Writing Month 2022 #10)   Leave a comment

Overwhelming, all around me
A torrent of information
A fire hose of things to know
More exasperation

I cannot stop or turn it off
Building up frustration
I need to leave so I can breathe
And stop this perspiration

I'm out of there, the scent of air
Fills me with elation
My world is free, I'm here with me
In my dissociation

– SR Romney 2022

Street Performer (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #10)   Leave a comment

Tension builds
As the post is turned
Strings are plucked
Tunings set
A flourish of notes to check
The music begins

The girl plays
A nice, simple tune
Of times past
Awash in the memories
Of a better life

The song ends
Coins clink in the jar
The thank yous
And praise comes
The girl dons a sad smile
As she starts again

Hours pass
As strangers walk by
Few see her
Less listen
But music and money made
Is a day well spent

– Shaman Romney 2021

A Cat’s Day (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #10)   Leave a comment

A cat’s morning meow
A wall scratch
It’s time to get up

A cat’s midday nap
Soft warm place
Calm contented rest

A cat’s evening purr
Nice comfort
Happy and at peace

– SR Romney 2020

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Two Choices (National Poetry Writing Month 2019 #10)   Leave a comment

Are you insignificant?
Unimportant, on your own?
Just a single tiny speck
In a universe unknown?

Or are you instead a node
Interwoven with us all?
Bearing your part of the load,
Sending ripples when you fall?

Does nothing in life matter?
Or do all our actions count?
Do all our choices scatter,
Regardless of the amount?

Make your choice and live with it,
Whichever one that may be.
For you, either one may fit;
I know the right choice for me.

– Shaman Romney 2019

Hero (National Poetry Writing Month 2018 #10)   Leave a comment

I want to be a hero
I want to strive forward and face my fears
I want to do it so I can be better
Not for the admiration of my peers

I want the world to be a better place
So I will be the symbol of my ideas
I’ll bring my dreams from void and space
And through my action, make them real

A hero isn’t a hero through gifts and strength
Or because he’s the one who people call
No, he’s a hero because when he sees difficulty
He rushes forward and gives it his all

And life is difficulty, a forever fight
One we will never truly win
But in the darkness I’ll be the light
I want to be a hero, it’s time I begin.

– Shaman Romney 2018

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Cavities (National Poetry Writing Month 2017 #10)   Leave a comment

I’ve got too many cavities
That need to be filled
So I seek a professional
Who will give them a drill
He’ll help make me numb
So I don’t feel a thing
And he’ll give me the gas
So my thoughts can take wing
And I’ll laugh as he works
As he drills the holes wide
As my mind disappears
He puts metal inside
When he is finished
And I’m no longer numb
I may feel less empty
But I’ll never be done

– Shaman Romney 2017

Holes (National Poetry Writing Month #10)   1 comment

We start fresh
Pristine, new, a clean slate
A life unmarred

Arrows puncture us
Filling us full of holes
We cannot fill

But through friends
We can plug the holes
And find peace.

– Shaman Romney 2016

Posted 04/10/2016 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2016

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Music (National Poetry Writing Month 2015 #10)   Leave a comment

Music is my method of maintenance.
The sounds soothing my sanity to stillness.
Emotions equalized,
Anxieties acquiescing,
Crises brought under control,
And depression being defeated.
All through the timbers and tones
Of music.

– Shaman Romney 2015

Posted 04/10/2015 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2015

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I’ve Been Down (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #10)   Leave a comment

Yeah, I’ve been down before
Body sprawled out on the floor
Crying, screaming, and begging for more.
Yeah I’ve been down before.

Yeah, I have lost it all
Bloodied my fists upon the wall
Climbed to the top only to fall
Yeah I have lost it all.

Yeah, I have been alone
No one in the world to call my own.
Wandered the streets without a home.
Yeah I have been alone.

Yeah, I have given up.
Found my best not good enough.
Found that I was out of luck.
Yeah I have given up.

Yeah, I have been to Hell
Done things I will never tell.
Know that burning, sulfur smell.
Yeah I have been to Hell.

Yeah, I’d do it all again.
Although it didn’t work in the end.
I’d do it all for you, my friend.
Yeah, I’d do it all again.

Shaman Romney 2014

Posted 04/10/2014 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2014, Poetry

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