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Egg (National Poetry Writing Month 2022 #6)   Leave a comment

Over easy
A sunny side up
The start of a simple custard
A scramble with a splash of cream, salt, and some butter
The thin-shelled reproductive body of a bird, such as a hen, eaten as a food.
The thing you throw at people's houses on halloween
Food eaten all over the world
A fine french omelette
Hard boiled

– SR Romney 2022

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Mists: A Ketek (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #6)   Leave a comment

Unwinding souls resting in memory;
Silent dreams of forgotten words.
The mist rises
By obscuring truth.
Obscured by rising mists,
The words forgotten;
Of dreams;
Silent memories in rest.
Souls unwound.

– Shaman Romney 2021

Posted 04/06/2021 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2021

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Rope (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #6)   Leave a comment

I have kinks in my life’s rope
Knots and snarls, tangles and twists
Holding me back from function
But life is a climber’s wall
So I’ll start to untangle
Until finally I’m ready
To make the journey

– SR Romney 2020

Posted 04/06/2020 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2020

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Regrets (National Poetry Writing Month 2019 #6)   Leave a comment

If you let your dreams be dreams
They will become your nightmares
And you will be caught unawares
In a life that isn’t yours
Your bars are made of your regrets
Your last meal is life untasted
In your haste to live for others
You rushed to your own conclusion

– Shaman Romney 2019

Posted 04/06/2019 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2019

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Calm Mind (National Poetry Writing Month 2018 #6)   Leave a comment

I wish my mind was more calm,
But try as I might I can’t keep my head from exploding.
My racing brain is a qualm
The constant torrent of my thoughts keeps my brain eroding.

I want to cut my brain short
And finish off a single thought before it keeps moving.
Fire a single retort,
Before my brain fires off gish gallop, disapproving

A single second to breathe
Instead of this asphyxiation due to my ranting.
I feel anxiety seethe
And take over my every thought with it’s endless chanting.

Maybe some day it will clear;
I’ll find the raging sea inside is finally stilling.
I know the path is austere
But learning to control my storm will be quite fulfilling.

– Shaman Romney 2018

(Today’s prompt was to deal with line lengths in a way that stretched your comfort zone. I decided to do a 7-14, ABAB rhyme poem. This was difficult at first, but I actually like it as form, and I might do more like this in the future.)

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Coffee (National Poetry Writing Month 2017 #6)   2 comments

My favorite drink
My morning ritual
Something to do besides work
An excuse for conversation
Fuel for a looming deadline
A failed college career
A fond memory
An unhealthy addiction
Brown, opaque water
The roasted seed of a fruit
Coffea arabica or coffea canephora
Eighty to one hundred thirty five milligrams of caffeine
A drink

– Shaman Romney 2017

Posted 04/06/2017 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2017

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Glasses: 4 Lunes (National Poetry Writing Month #6)   Leave a comment

My life is
Spaced within a metal frame
Uniquely my own

Through panels of glass
My world is
Full of love, of loss

But yours is
Something unique to only you
Shaped by experience

I wish we could see
The real world
It’s not meant to be

– Shaman Romney 2016

Silver Thoughts (National Poetry Writing Month 2015 #6)   Leave a comment

Silver thoughts serpentine
Through my mind like plasticine.
Trying to mold this fever dream
Into something I think I’ve seen

I can’t seem to make it real.
This dream existence that I feel.
Between my hands, solid as a beam.
This idea that is as true as steel.

They whirl around, instead, like air.
Fool me with pretending they were there.
But it’s only a trick to seem
Like something that should make me care.

Like they are something worthwhile.
Something that would be worth the trial
To work upon; to make it them gleam.
To finally look upon and smile.

But, alas, the thoughts keep prancing.
Never stopping, never chancing
To ever be more than a dream.
So they remain, forever dancing.

– Shaman Romney 2015

Summer Snow (National Poetry Writing Month #6)   Leave a comment

Summer Snow

A thunder clap in the distance,
Rain falls in a heavy sheet.
People panic as they scatter
From the rain and summer snow.

Safe, enclosed within my home
from the sounds of nature’s roar
Hear her song, this pitter-patter
the sound of rain and summer snow

Nature, such a fickle mistress
The very sky moves at her whim
You and I, we do not matter
to the rain and summer snow.

-Shaman Romney 2014

Posted 04/06/2014 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2014, Poetry

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