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Hold It In (National Poetry Writing Month 2018 #24)   Leave a comment

Hold it in, hold it in,
‘Til your world begins to spin.
Keep the thoughts below the surface, keep them securely within.
Breathe it out, breathe it out
Keep it calm and do not shout.
The repercussions would be something you could really do without.

Hold it in, hold it in
Hold it strong and you will win.
You will win the argument by never letting it begin.
Breathe it out, breathe it out,
Keep lowering the amount.
Find a solution or compromise, that’s what you’re all about.

Don’t get hot, don’t get hot,
Don’t become something you’re not.
Count to ten and take a second, remember what you’ve been taught.
Keep it cool, keep it cool,
Take you darker self to school.
You’re it’s prisoner no longer and your mind is yours to rule.

Don’t get hot, don’t get hot,
Soon the rage will be forgot.
You spent a little bit of patience for the victory you’ve bought.
Keep it cool, keep it cool,
Just like an undisturbed pool.
In control of your emotions, you are no longer a fool.

– Shaman Romney 2018

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Calm Mind (National Poetry Writing Month 2018 #6)   Leave a comment

I wish my mind was more calm,
But try as I might I can’t keep my head from exploding.
My racing brain is a qualm
The constant torrent of my thoughts keeps my brain eroding.

I want to cut my brain short
And finish off a single thought before it keeps moving.
Fire a single retort,
Before my brain fires off gish gallop, disapproving

A single second to breathe
Instead of this asphyxiation due to my ranting.
I feel anxiety seethe
And take over my every thought with it’s endless chanting.

Maybe some day it will clear;
I’ll find the raging sea inside is finally stilling.
I know the path is austere
But learning to control my storm will be quite fulfilling.

– Shaman Romney 2018

(Today’s prompt was to deal with line lengths in a way that stretched your comfort zone. I decided to do a 7-14, ABAB rhyme poem. This was difficult at first, but I actually like it as form, and I might do more like this in the future.)

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