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Bubbles (National Poetry Writing Month 2022 #17)   Leave a comment

We all float
Like bubbles of air
So fragile
So carefree
Catching the light around us
Until we go pop

– SR Romney 2022

Ripple of Fate (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #22)   Leave a comment

The ripples
Of all our actions
Crash and break
Patterns form
Beyond the comprehension
Of our mortal minds

The world spins
Twirling strings of lives
Bound firmly
We can't break their hold on us
With our mortal hands

Fate engulfs
Paths already walked
Steps taken
All foretold
Destiny predetermined
For simple mortals

– Shaman Romney

Street Performer (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #10)   Leave a comment

Tension builds
As the post is turned
Strings are plucked
Tunings set
A flourish of notes to check
The music begins

The girl plays
A nice, simple tune
Of times past
Awash in the memories
Of a better life

The song ends
Coins clink in the jar
The thank yous
And praise comes
The girl dons a sad smile
As she starts again

Hours pass
As strangers walk by
Few see her
Less listen
But music and money made
Is a day well spent

– Shaman Romney 2021