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Won’t You Come Show Me The Way? (National Poetry Writing Month 2022 #30)   Leave a comment

My love found a place 
Building up my thoughts like bricks
This is what my heart's been waiting for.
Alone in my room, I still think of you,
Oh, I wish that I could read your mind
Won't you come show me the way?

Heartbeat pumping
Like a dream ready to explode
This is what my heart's been waiting for.
I'd steal you the moon, and the sun,
And the stars, every one
Won't you come show me the way?

Complicated feelings
Always rushing through me
You keep me holding on
So when the night falls, I'll be on your side
I know that I’m worthy
Won't you come show me the way?

– SR Romney 2022

PS: This a cento, and I took the lines from various songs from the anime Carole and Tuesday. If you haven’t seen it and are a lover of music, I highly recommend it. Links to songs used below:

Guitar (National Poetry Writing Month 2022 #25)   Leave a comment

Early in the morning 
I always here your music calling
Dont know who I'd be
Without this Guitar sitting next to me
Beat by beat
Chord by chord
Anytime I'm feeling bored
I pick you up and play a tune.

The brassy buzz that turns to art
As my fingers brush the strings
Rhythmically, I feel the texture
Of your scales ascending
Beat by beat,
Chord by chord,
A world of joy is stored in you
I pick you up and play a tune.

– SR Romney 2022

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Melody (National Poetry Writing Month 2022 #5)   Leave a comment

Our life is just a melody
And we all play a part.
The music sounds so sweet to me;
Our life is just a melody.
Our cities are a symphony.
The instrument, our heart.
Our life is just a melody
And we all play a part.

– SR Romney 2022

Street Performer (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #10)   Leave a comment

Tension builds
As the post is turned
Strings are plucked
Tunings set
A flourish of notes to check
The music begins

The girl plays
A nice, simple tune
Of times past
Awash in the memories
Of a better life

The song ends
Coins clink in the jar
The thank yous
And praise comes
The girl dons a sad smile
As she starts again

Hours pass
As strangers walk by
Few see her
Less listen
But music and money made
Is a day well spent

– Shaman Romney 2021

Note Taking   Leave a comment

I pluck the musical notes out of the air
And hold them in front of me.

Well that was stupid
Wasn’t it?

The music sounded much better in my head.

Than sitting in a pile of notes on my bed.
Right next to a bag of Cheetos.

– Shaman Romney 2015

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Music (National Poetry Writing Month 2015 #10)   Leave a comment

Music is my method of maintenance.
The sounds soothing my sanity to stillness.
Emotions equalized,
Anxieties acquiescing,
Crises brought under control,
And depression being defeated.
All through the timbers and tones
Of music.

– Shaman Romney 2015

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New Song: I’ll Miss You   Leave a comment

First song on the blog! Hopefully not the last.

Shaman Romney 2014

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“So me and my friend John wrote this song back when we were teenagers…”   Leave a comment

I was sitting with my family, enjoying the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on CBS, when I heard Paul McCartney say those words. He was telling the story of how he and John Lennon were writing the song “I Saw Her Standing There.” Seeing this legend talking about writing such a timeless song like it had only happened yesterday was very surreal. It felt like someone saying, “I remember when we wrote Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Saying this out loud prompted my dad to chime in. He remembered the first time he heard the Beatles. He watched them on the Ed Sullivan show with 73 million other Americans. Like the rest of America, he was instantly hooked, and proceeded to rebel against his parents by soaking up every bit of Beatles he could. My mom first heard Obladi-Oblada in Venezuela, before she came over. It’s still her favorite Beatles song, and one of her favorites of all time. But, hard as I tried, I couldn’t think of the first Beatles song I heard.

I definitely remember the songs. I know them as well as my abc’s and my jingle bells. I imagine I heard it was while I sitting in the car with my mom, listening to the oldies station, being way too young to appreciate good music and wishing that she’d change it to radio Disney or something like that. I’m told was an Elvis kid anyways, so at least I wasn’t too far off on the good music spectrum.

Regardless, I know now how much they influenced everything else I love. All the other songs by all those other bands were all inspired by the Beatles. Even I’m inspired by them in my songwriting.
Never in my wildest dreams will I ever be as good of a song writer as Paul or John, nor as good at guitar as George. Hell, I’m probably never even going to be a Ringo. (Who I still love by the way. He puts on one hell of a show.)

But that’s alright. We all need our musical gods to worship and aspire to. Our musical saviors, so to speak. Not that anyone has made that comparison before. 🙂


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