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Changes (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #9)   Leave a comment

When everything changes, nothing changes
Life is entropy, a forever dance
A series of energy exchanges
That passes by us in a single glance

Cycles and cycles flowing together
Becoming a colorful rainbow blend
Then floating away light as a feather
Flowing and floating again without end

Every moment is filled with a static
A hum in the background means you’re alive
Although it makes life feel so erratic
It’s in chaos where humanity thrives

When changes rear their head, you should not flee
Embrace all the new and you will be free

– SR Romney 2020

Out With The Old (National Poetry Writing Month 2019 #20)   Leave a comment

Out with the old
In with the new
Welcome the changes
Whether good or ill
Things will keep moving
So try not to stumble
Keep up the pace
And continue the adventure

– Shaman Romney 2019

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I Cannot Change My Fellow Man (National Poetry Writing Month 2019 #18)   Leave a comment

No matter how I plead or try
I cannot change my fellow man
No matter how I beg or cry
I cannot make him understand

The only thing that I can do
Is live my life the best I can
Through actions I hope to show you
How to become a better man

– Shaman Romney 2019

Posted 04/18/2019 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2019

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Recipe for Change – and Today’s Breakfast (National Poetry Writing Month 2017 #2)   Leave a comment

Cut up two potatoes on a mandolin
And examine the slices of your life
Throw the potatoes in a medium skillet and simmer
In your memories while you prepare the rest
Chop up a green pepper for money
Red onion for tears
Mushrooms for something different
Season with frustration, annoyance,
Garlic, salt and pepper.
Throw it in a different pan
And haphazardly cook it without a plan.
Throwing in some spinach at the end
Because it always costs more than you think.
Finally, throw the cooked potato past
On the plate as your foundation,
Pour your vegan mess of change on top
Smother it in hot sauce, because life is pain
And enjoy!

– Shaman Romney 2017