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Grog’s Poem (National Poetry Writing Month 2022 #13)   Leave a comment

Grog need rhyme
Grog do show
Grog take time
Grog go slow

Grog like light
Grog hate snow
Grog does fight
Not shoot bow

Grog not sweet
This Grog know
Grog want eat
Grog now go

– SR Romney 2022

Paper Boat (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #13)   Leave a comment

I fold my mind into a paper boat
And drift upon the endless, shifting sea
To try and keep my sanity afloat
I fold my mind into a paper boat
And as my greatest wish escapes my throat
I wonder what it is like to be free
I fold my mind into a paper boat
And drift upon the endless, shifting sea

– Shaman Romney 2021

Glances (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #13)   Leave a comment

In shadows and in-between glances
I see my true self hidden behind an ornate mask

Of expectations and of pressures
Crafted, and then grafted, onto me against my will

A rictus smile hides the blessures
A great pretender which proves itself up to the task

I hold my breath, I wait for chances
To pull back the mask, to let myself finally spill

– SR Romney 2020

Cyborgs (National Poetry Writing Month 2019 #13)   Leave a comment

Cyborgs are already here
You and I have become them
Cellphones and headphones appear
Means to a digital end

We are one with Ethernet
Progress leaps so very far
When we finally reach the end
Will we still know who we are?

– Shaman Romney 2019

Whimpering Down The Correct Path (National Poetry Writing Month 2018 #13)   Leave a comment

Instead of barking up the wrong tree,
I’m whimpering down the correct path.
Instead of going through life carefree,
I march ahead like a psychopath.

Inspite of my endless complaining
I will force myself to move forward.
Keep my resolve from ever waning;
With rules and discipline as my ward.

For we are all dogs without boundaries;
Running back and forth to disaster.
Barking non-stop at cars and at trees.
Desperate, in need of a master

But we can control our inner hounds
Through hard work and practice and kindness.
For keeping our mind within our bounds
Is our only way to make progress.

– Shaman Romney 2018

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Lunchtime (National Poetry Writing Month 2017 #13)   Leave a comment

I’m heating up the isolation
I brought with me to work
To go along with the loneliness
I brought as a snack
I’ll wash it down with some self pity and introversion
Maybe have a little human contact
If I want to splurge a little
But probably not today

– Shaman Romney 2017

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Age (National Poetry Writing Month 2016 #13)   Leave a comment


Age is a matter of feelings, not years
At least, that’s what the cookie told me
Sometimes I feel like knocking back a few beers
Other times I want my mommy to hold me

Sometimes I’m an old man waiting to die
Or an energetic toddler running all over the place
A twenty something trying to get by
Or learning to walk, falling on my face

I’m so many ages all at the same time
Both an old fogey and a dumb kid
Having a life ahead of me is sublime
As was living the life that I did.

But there’s one thing that stays, whether senior or tike
Taking a nap is one thing we all like.

– Shaman Romney 2016

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Box of Chocolates (National Poetry Writing Month 2015 #13)   Leave a comment

Life is like a box of chocolates;
You typically have
Your favorite flavors.
Most of them
Taste like crap.

-Shaman Romney 2015

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Loneliness(National Poetry Writing Month #13)   Leave a comment

A life of quiet loneliness.
People, just background noise.
A stranger in a room of friends.
A silent, pittiful scream
Of a man no one hears.

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