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Work Me (National Poetry Writing Month #23)   Leave a comment

Work me when I wake up
Work me every day
Work me til there is no other way

Work me til I’m anxious
Work me past too tired
Work me past the date that I’m expired

Work me when you want to
Work me when you can
Work me to the shell of a bitter man

Work me til I’m hopeless
Work me when I’m broken
Work me with false promises you’ve spoken

Work me past the bleeding,
Work me to the core
Work me til I’m not human anymore

Work me past exhaustion
Work me to the bone
Work me past the yearning to go home

Work me in my nightmares
Work me past my dreams
Work me til I’m ripping at the seams.

Work me til I’m screaming
Work me as l cry
Work me past the point of asking why

Work me when I’m tired
Work me when I’m done
Work me til you lose another one.

Work me where I’m standing
Work me in my bed
Work me til I’m on the ground, dead.

Work me past my mourning
Work me past my legacy
Work me til there’s nothing left of me.

– Shaman Romney 2016

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Release (National Poetry Writing Month #22)   Leave a comment

I’m losing faith I never had
In a love left unreturned.
Unrequited love has left me burned.
This desiccated husk of a man lay
As this love burns me more.
Burns me to the core.

Hope is gone,
Life; shattered.
I lost the only thing thatĀ mattered.

In my fucked-up, first-world problematic life.
I’m standing on the edge of a knife.
Waiting for the blow to end it all.
The final push that lets me fall
And reach the end,
the sweet release,
From all the pain I give to me.

– Shaman Romney 2016

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Caffeine (National Poetry Writing Month #21)   Leave a comment

In my brain
Against the grain
Go insane

Moving fast
Blazing past

Vessel pop
Pressure drop
Should I stop?

Levels low
Going slow
Time to go

– Shaman Romney 2016

Suicidal Strength (National Poetry Writing Month #20)   Leave a comment

There’s a fucked up strength in suicide
That no one seems to realize.
Slaying a monster that only you can see.

Or being your own hero,
Rescuing your self from the darkness
Because no one else could.
Because you thought no one would.

Suicide isn’t weak, or pathetic.
But just sad; misguided.
People will help you write your story.
So don’t close your book
Before its done.

-Shaman Romney 2016

Reflection (National Poetry Writing Month #19)   Leave a comment

Have you ever
Seen your very own face?
Think about it

You have seen
Reflections in mirrors and water
Photos and videos

But you haven’t
Seen it like we do
Like I have

And you won’t
But that is okay because
Neither will I

– Shaman Romney 2016

I Wish (National Poetry Writing Month #18)   Leave a comment

I wish
I could write
Like Robert Frost
Sing like Johnny Cash
Play guitar like Eric Clapton
Dance like Michael Jackson

I wish
I had their
I wish
I was more like them
I wish
I was less
Like me

-Shaman Romney 2016

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-Ation (National Poetry Writing Month 2016 #17)   Leave a comment

Comes from perspiration,
Copious amounts of cogitation,
And irritation
Surrounding the procrastination
Of my poetic fixation.
In it’s gestation,
This creation
Cures my writer’s constipation,
Removes frustration,
And brings sedation
To today’s expectation.

– Shaman Romney 2016

Posted 04/17/2016 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2016

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