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Wishing (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #18)   Leave a comment

Wishing I could be different person
Wish I could just become somebody new
However it seems I only worsen
Change comes so rarely, and choices so few

And yet every day I keep on scheming
And yet every day I try once again
Battered but not broken I keep dreaming
Goading myself to work past my disdain

And nobody knows who I am inside
And nobody knows how I think and feel
I push my feelings and troubles aside
To conjure a face of iron and steel

Someday I hope my wish will be granted
And I can become who I want to be
Another tree who’s roots have been planted
Wish I was a stable and happy me.

– Shaman Romney 2021

Posted 04/18/2021 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2021

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I Wish (National Poetry Writing Month #18)   Leave a comment

I wish
I could write
Like Robert Frost
Sing like Johnny Cash
Play guitar like Eric Clapton
Dance like Michael Jackson

I wish
I had their
I wish
I was more like them
I wish
I was less
Like me

-Shaman Romney 2016

Posted 04/18/2016 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2016

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