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Mirror, Mirror (National Poetry Writing Month 2020 #27)   Leave a comment

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Is there reason to it all?
Does pride go before the fall?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

Mirror, mirror, that I see,
Is this all that’s meant for me?
Is this what I’m meant to be?
Mirror, mirror, that I see.

Mirror, mirror, in my sight,
On this foul, accursed night
Show me which path is the right!
Mirror, mirror, in my sight.

Mirror, mirror, in my mind,
Do not leave me waiting blind.
Lie, and I’ll respond in kind,
Mirror, mirror, in my mind

Mirror, mirror, lying broke.
Fie on the foul truth you spoke;
Unsettling stirrings you awoke!
Mirror,mirror, lying broke.

Mirror, mirror, fade to dust.
Final feelings of disgust.
All achievements turned to rust.
Mirror, mirror, fade to dust.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Of a kingdom once stood tall.
Now a final, fitting pall.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

– SR Romney 2020

Reflection (National Poetry Writing Month #19)   Leave a comment

Have you ever
Seen your very own face?
Think about it

You have seen
Reflections in mirrors and water
Photos and videos

But you haven’t
Seen it like we do
Like I have

And you won’t
But that is okay because
Neither will I

– Shaman Romney 2016