Battering Ram (National Poetry Writing Month 2023 #23)   Leave a comment

The thought hits my head like a battering ram.
The walls shake and rattle with the blow.
Again and again, I feel the idea slam,
Carried by my demons from below.
I throw my liquor cabinet in the way
As I hear the thoughts clamour and shout.
The bottle won't do much to keep them at bay;
I'm searching for another way out.
The medicine cabinet won't do the job,
Though it might dull the fear for a bit.
The crashing gets louder; I hear my self sob.
There is no where to run, this is it.
I check my defenses, meager as they are.
I find a slick, bloody kitchen knife.
I see a clear route, but dare I go that far?
All these thoughts are here to claim my life.
The world falls away with a resounding crash
As my brain hangs on fight versus flee.
My final decision, a decisive slash;
I sever the thoughts and become free.

– SR Romney 2023

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