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Here it is, another valentine’s day
I have to ask, is this really the way
To show someone you really care?
With chocolates, roses, a teddy bear?

Or is this a day of corporate greed?
A moment for us to carelessly feed
The inside of an executive’s pocket.
Another check-mark on the businessman’s docket.

Is it just an excuse for someone to get laid?
Presenting a trinket that was overly paid
So that they can curry their lover’s favor,
And give this holiday its sultry flavor.

Or is it really about those that we love most?
A reminder that its a mistake to coast
Through relationships without giving it your best
That good love will always be a test.

I don’t think this question is easily answered.
The lines between meanings will always be blurred.
So with that in mind, I’d like to say
Everyone have a happy valentine’s day!

I shall be spending it alone,
For have no one to call my own.
I can’t say its not for lack of trying,
So I will spend it eating ice cream and crying.

Shaman Romney 2015

Posted 02/14/2015 by Shaman in Poetry

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Happy Romantic Obligation Day!   Leave a comment

Firstly(And unrelated-ly), trying to write blog psts at work during down time is not a very effective way to blog. Its hard to keep a train of thought going when you have constant interuptions. So, seeing as I am posting at work, I’ll keep this brief.

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. No, not because I’m a desperate single person.(Not saying it isn’t somewhat true.)

No, I don’t like Valentine’s Day because its all about obligation.

You take a girl out to dinner and buy her a nice piece of jewelry, or flowers, or chocolates on any other day, and you’d be a very romantic gentleman.

But if you DON’T do those things for a girl on valentine’s day, you are a lazy no good loser who doesn’t deserve love.

Obviously there are many women who don’t feel that way. But the holiday is based around that idea.

If you are the type of guy who likes the big romantic gestures, (like me) then it shouldn’t matter what day it is. You should do those things because you want to. Not because you feel obligated.