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Here it is, another valentine’s day
I have to ask, is this really the way
To show someone you really care?
With chocolates, roses, a teddy bear?

Or is this a day of corporate greed?
A moment for us to carelessly feed
The inside of an executive’s pocket.
Another check-mark on the businessman’s docket.

Is it just an excuse for someone to get laid?
Presenting a trinket that was overly paid
So that they can curry their lover’s favor,
And give this holiday its sultry flavor.

Or is it really about those that we love most?
A reminder that its a mistake to coast
Through relationships without giving it your best
That good love will always be a test.

I don’t think this question is easily answered.
The lines between meanings will always be blurred.
So with that in mind, I’d like to say
Everyone have a happy valentine’s day!

I shall be spending it alone,
For have no one to call my own.
I can’t say its not for lack of trying,
So I will spend it eating ice cream and crying.

Shaman Romney 2015

Posted 02/14/2015 by Shay in Poetry

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