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Uncertain (National Poetry Writing Month 2019 #24)   Leave a comment

We are born as uncertainties
With futures we can’t know
They’re full of possibilities
Of many ways to go

As the years keep moving forward
Our path may not be clear
If we don’t choose one to move toward
The best will disappear

So make your choice, and make it well
For when you must ascend
Good or bad, there’s no way to tell
Until you reach the end

– Shaman Romney 2019

Posted 04/24/2019 by Shaman in National Poetry Writing Month 2019

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The Future   Leave a comment

I tried to embrace the future,
But I couldn’t find a good way to do it.
Because not matter how hard I tried to reach it,
It was always a day away.

-Shaman Romney 2015

Posted 08/06/2015 by Shaman in Poetry

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