Myself (National Poetry Writing Month 2018 #3)   Leave a comment

I find it useful to think of myself
As three distinct individuals.
A past, a present, and a future me.
Each with a role in guiding my life.

My past: a lesson I get to observe.
A collection of all my mistakes,
And of all of my victories achieved.
My tome of knowledge to draw upon.

My present: an explorer finding more.
Combing this plane for experience
Gathering up data for me to use
And refining my view of the world.

My future: an ideal to strive towards.
The kind of person I want to be.
Always changing as I learn more and more.
An unreachable destination.

All three are me, and they act in concert:
My future provides me with the map,
My past gives me the skill to start the path,
My present, the drive to move forward.

– Shaman Romney 2018

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