Just Don’t Punch People, Okay? (Explicit) (National Poetry Writing Month 2017 #20)   Leave a comment

Don’t be surprised when someone dies
Because you started saying violence is fine from your side
It’s not their fault anymore, its yours
You made your movement rot to the core

You called their thoughts violence
So you could turn your thoughts violent
So you you could sit back in silence
While your friends act violent
Thinking “I would never try it.”
But you would if you could
Get past your cowardice, your avarice

You sycophantic piece of shit
You make me want to fucking quit
I hate that I care so much
I hate it, I’m aware too much
I hate you and I want to punch you lights out
This anger is too much

But I’ll be a better person than you
I care about the people
And there’s nothing I could possibly do
Worse than what you keep doing to yourself
I’ll fight with words, to fight your words
To fight your war, to fight your hate
To fight for love, for acceptance, for peace

Be glad for people like me
Be glad I’m your opponent
‘Cause I may shoot off at the mouth
But the people you fuck with?

Today is a punch
Tomorrow’s a knife
The next is a gun
The end of your life
And you may blame them.
But I don’t give a shit.
Because they may be the finish
But you started it.

And when the deaths start tolling
I’ll cry for both sides
I’ll mourn for us all

Because our country has died.

– Shaman Romney 2017

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