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Drained, tired, exhausted,
My piece of mind accosted.
Shattered by the days events and more.

Weak, spent, and weary,
I find my outlook dreary
As piles of life grow too tall to ignore.

Humiliated and humbled,
Nervously I stumbled
Not knowing what next I had in store.

Now I stand and wait,
Trying desperately to abate
My heart from writing this stoccato score.

But then, a sudden conclusion
Comes much to my confusion.
My problems stay behind my bedroom door.

I’ll finally get some rest
Against the world’s behest.
A peaceful sleep is what I’m hoping for.

Maybe tomorrow will more kind.
Maybe i’ll be in less of a bind.
I wont know until I wake, that’s for sure.

Shaman Romney 2014

Posted 10/15/2014 by Shay in Poetry

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