Myself and I(National Poetry Writing Month #3)   Leave a comment

Myself and I

Here I am, beside my self,
And I decide to see.
If I can have a conversation,
between I and me.

It shouldn’t be too difficult,
I’m such a clever guy
It should be a great discourse
Between me and I.

I turn and look me in the eye,
Open my mouth to speak.
But then I find I’m saying
The exact same thing as me.

I try to get a word in
But I speak before I can.
I cannot say a thing;
Cannot interrupt this man.

I finally stop to listen
only now I see
That I’ve also gotten quiet,
To listen up for me.

And so I do this back and forth
Until I’ve had enough.
We both start to wish,
that I would just give up.

And so I have decided
silence is my best course.
I’ve learned that speaking to myself
is something i shouldn’t force.

Shaman Romney 2014

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