Free (National Poetry Writing Month 2021 #4)   Leave a comment

Another lie lays on its side
And hears the truths that I confide.
Alone, in my protective shell,
Protected by the lies I tell.
Within it’s walls, I can be me
And show the truths I long to be.

Until it’s time to step outside.
Until it’s time, once more, to hide.
I’ll bring my masks and lies to sell
Day after day, and do it well.
Present this stoic face you see
Keep myself under lock and key.

Day in, day out, just like the tide,
I’ll keep my true self deep inside.
But when I sit alone and dwell
And hide from interpersonal hell.
I’ll float in my internal sea;
Among it’s waves, I can be free.

– Shaman Romney 2021

Posted 04/04/2021 by Shay in National Poetry Writing Month 2021

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