Backwards Fear (National Poetry Writing Month #28)   1 comment

The ground was cold, wet with blood
The impact, hard and sudden
The wind rushed passed his eyes
The glass twinkled in the sunlight

The window gave way with a final jerk
He continued to hit it with desperation
His hands were slick with his blood
The glass shattered and wounded him.

He punched at it furiously, hurriedly
He dashed for the room, for the light
Running in his abject terror
He spotted safety in the other room

Desperately, he searched in darkness
He had to get away from that thing
He heard the claws scrapping the floor
The monster began its gibbering

The undulating mass stared at him with hunger
His eyes adjusted to the darkness
He heard the other-worldly voice garble
“Run, and you will die tired.”

-Shaman Romney 2016

Posted 04/28/2016 by Shay in National Poetry Writing Month 2016

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  1. Clever work! 🙂


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