28 Days of Soylent – Week 1   Leave a comment

I lost 10 lbs. In 7 days.

That is both awesome and frightening to write.

It’s not because Soylent is some sort of miracle diet food. It’s because I hate the stuff so much I don’t eat it.

I have been taking in about 1000 calories of Soylent a day. My maintenance caloric intake is 3000, plus whatever exercise I do. Which gives me a calorie deficit of 2000 a day, or roughly about a pound every 2 days. The extra 4 pounds is probably water weight and a lack of crap in my system.

Surprisingly, I feel great! Much better than I normally do, in fact. That says a lot about the diet I normally eat. Apparently getting 50% of the daily recommend nutrients you need is more effective for your health than eating a ton of crap. Who knew?

Physically things are going well, but mentally it stinks.

Everything smells good; we went past the tire section in the Walmart and the smell of rubber made me hungry. Rubber. As in, chomping on a truck tire was something my brain thought would be more pleasant than drinking more Soylent.

I’m learning I have much more discipline than I once thought. For example, on my first day my friend wanted to go to Carl’s Jr. Here is what she ordered:


Which do you want, the left or right?

She had the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger and a large fry. I had Soylent. I must have looked like a dog staring at people food, but I didn’t cheat or crack. Even though I really, really wanted to.

The next night was pizza night for my family. Again, only Soylent for me. They got to have delicious home baked pizza, with its delicious bubbly cheese and nice crispy crust; the taste of pepperoni intermingling with glorious red sauce in a orgasmic interplay of amazing flavor that OH MY GOD I WANT TO EAT PIZZA SO MUCH RIGHT NO-

Ahem, needless to say its been a struggle. But I haven’t broken yet and I don’t plan on it.

This also taught me a lot about why I want to eat. I find myself walking into the kitchen for no reason at all, but normally I’d find myself grabbing a snack. I’m having trouble finding reasons to hang out with people now, because food was my excuse to get together. I’ll have to try and get some actual hobbies now. Or become a reclusive hermit.

I’m also a comfort eater. I fill the crippling existential void in my soul with French fries and ice cream. Now I have to stare straight into the abyss. But at least it forces me to deal with it directly, which means it actually gets fixed. Or slowly wearing me down and destroying me. But optimism!

Overall, even though I’m a bit miserable and close to stealing happy meals from kids, I’m glad I’m doing this. The scientist in me finds this fascinating, and I am learning a lot about how I tick.

I’m hoping that enthusiasm will carry me through next week. Wish me luck!

– Shaman

Posted 01/22/2016 by Shaman in Soylent

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