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Anger is intoxicating, a pleasant addiction
An easy way distract from  affliction.
Letting your heart boil over with rage,
Is any easy way to escape your cage.

It gives you a goal, a way to move forward
An enemy, a source of enmity to move toward.
It gives you a focus when life is unfair,
Although it feels good you must beware

Like all bad vices, the pleasure is fleeting,
And further pursuit will prove self defeating.
Anger is a short term solution to a long time problem,
Emergence of bad ideas, acting upon them.

Of all emotions there isn’t one stronger.
But love is more productive, and it lasts much longer.
It takes more work, its difficult,
When your life is full of pain and tumult.

But persevere and keep love in your heart.
Bit by bit, you notice it start
To bring you into a better place.
It is a much better addiction to chase.

– Shaman Romney 2015

Posted 12/30/2015 by Shay in Poetry

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