Here to go, there to stay   Leave a comment

Here to go, there to stay.
My best friend had to leave today.
Back to his life of thrills and glory
And my life here, the same old story.

Here to go, there to stay
I wish there was another way
To have you stay a day or two
So we can do the things we do.

Here to go there to stay
I know there is no other way
You have life to live that’s yours,
Of shining streets and open doors.

Here to go there to stay
There’s just one thing I want to say.
Live your life, pursue your dreams,
Walk upon life’s balance beams.

Search for love and always laugh,
So when they write your epitaph
They’ll know that this one thing is true:
You lived the life you wanted to.

-Shaman Romney 2014

Work is kicking my butt, so here is a poem I started working on in September that has been sitting in my drafts, gathering dust. Thanks for reading!

Posted 10/04/2014 by Shay in Poetry

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