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I didn’t ask to be the hero,
I didn’t ask to be knight.
To lose my life in battle
For what others think is “right.”

To forfeit my life for them,
To fall upon the sword,
They think the opportunity
Is its own reward.

Doesn’t anyone give a damn
About how I think or feel?
Am I just a tool to you?
A Currency in your deals?

Did you know that I’m a person
With feelings and goals?
Maybe I’ve grown tired
Of being raked across your coals?

Will you even stop to listen
To what I have to say?
Of course you never will,
Empathy gets in the way.

So I am without options,
I no longer have a voice.
My arrows all point to lose,
I’m left without a choice.

One day I’ll break the cycle,
One day I’ll win this fight
Until then, I’ll play the martyr;
I will be the knight.

-Shaman Romney 2014

Posted 09/17/2014 by Shay in Poetry

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