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I am horrible with avoiding spoilers.

I am horribly horrendously horrifically horrible at avoiding spoilers.

I just lack the discipline required to keep things a secret from myself when I have the resources to find them out. I will regularly spoil every single plot point of a TV series before I’m even done with the first season. Maybe it’s because I want to be able to join the dialogue about an episode sooner than it would take for me to marathon the whole thing. Maybe I just like to find out the destination, to know if the journey is worth my time. (I’m looking at you Mass Effect 3.)

All I know is it is a problem, a serious problem.

It almost got me this time. The newest book in the Dresden files, Skin Game, came out today. My copy won’t arrive until tonight at the earliest. I’ve been dreading the wait. Holding back the temptation to go online and look up the big events of the book. I tried really, really hard to practice good self-discipline.

I am happy to say, I have valiantly succeeded.

Sadly, I almost made it.

I caved almost immediately…

I logged on to the forums and went to the spoilers page, and found the first “OMG I can’t believe that happened” topic there. I clicked on it and right before he got to all the juicy spoilers, he mentioned that he had been waiting for his copy and it wasn’t going to arrive until Friday. He however, had broken down and bought the e-book as soon as it became available.

So I did that instead.

Take that spoiler issues, I can destroy you with instant gratification and disposable income.

Because, who really needs self-discipline anyway?


P.S: Sorry for missing a week’s worth of posts. I got sick and couldn’t post. I should be resuming normal posting.

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