I Might Be Writing A Novel   1 comment

(My posts have been a little lackluster lately, but I have been writing, just not things that would be good for blog posts. I still want to keep my posting goal, but I don’t want to beat myself up too bad about it. The whole point is to keep writing, and as long as I”m doing that, I think its a positive. I’ll get back into the groove of blogging and poetry soon, so bear with me until then.)

I’ve always felt I wasn’t good at writing fiction.

I don’t feel like I’m very good at coming up with ideas. Many of my friends who are writers can pull ideas seemingly out of no where, with little to no effort at all. It takes me hours of working and retooling to get to where I’ve got a workable idea.

However, I did get a positive response to my 50 word story for the weekly challenge. So I think I will give writing it a shot. I only have a basic shell of a character right now, but I have a lot of world and universe info for it.

The basic idea would be this: A word-mage would use the magic contained in creativity to fight the forces of evil or… something. As I said, it isn’t a very detailed idea. I’m thinking it’ll be modern-day fantasy, maybe urban, but I am trying not to copy certain books in that genre.

I will probably be posting updates and parts on this blog as I work on it, but mostly I will be doing it in the background.

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