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I wanted to write something more meaningful today. An actual post that I felt like writing. But i just find myself staring at the computer screen, or getting distracted doing something else.

It’s been very frustrating.

I want to keep my posting goal. I tend to give up or crap out on things to easily, even when they are good for me. Work outs, school, and all that just seem to fall before my exciting habit of not doing them.

But I don’t want blogging to be one of those things. As I wrote in an earlier post it has been extremely positive for me. I actually have confidence, and even if its small, it gives me a reason to try to be more.

Now, I have a few posts I’ve been working on, but with my harsh case of writers block it may be a bit before I get them done. I’ll keep looking at the daily prompts, weekly challenge, hits, tips, tricks, etc. Something, hopefully pull me out of it.

But, no matter what,I’m going to keep on posting. 🙂

Anyone have any tips on beating writer’s block? I could sure use them right now.


Posted 04/23/2014 by Shay in Personal Thoughts

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