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I recently officiated my sister’s wedding. As I was writing out my script, I had difficulty finding examples of the entire ceremony. I want to share this here so that others who get the honor of officiating are able to use my work as a starting off point.

It will also allow those who couldn’t make it to the ceremony to read my words. The ceremony wasn’t recorded, so this along with pictures is as close as some people may get to experiencing the wedding.

I have removed all personal information, both for privacy, and so you can add the information you need for your ceremony, if you choose to use it.



(To crowd):

Please stand for the procession.


(To crowd):  

Friends, family, and dearly beloved; we are gathered here today to celebrate the culmination of the love between two people who are dear to us all: (Full names of both partners). I thank you for joining us for this wonderful moment in time.   

You may be seated.   

(Wait for crowd to sit)


Love is our life’s work. We all crave it. We strive for it in our every moment. From the first time we open our eyes, to our last breaths, our lives revolve and resolve around love.

Through love, all is possible. We enrich the world through it, we come together because of it, and we would flounder without it. We can build the world’s greatest monuments and withstand the greatest hardships through love.

We are all products of love. We are built from it. Shaped by it. Galvanized by it and perfected in it. Our lives are an ever-changing journey, but we cannot take our first step on life’s road without the loving contribution from our parents. Through them, we receive our first taste of love. Through our youth, we are nurtured and fostered by their love. And, one day, our parents show the heights of their love, with the act of presenting us to our own chosen love.

Who gives these two to each other for their commitment to matrimony?

(Parent 1: Her Mother and I.)

(Parent 2: Her Mother and I.)

(Parents hug couple, place their hands together, and take their seats.)

We all wander our lives unfinished, hoping for the opportunity to find the person that completes us. We carry our flaws, our burdens, our struggles, with weary arms. We look at art, and listen to stories, and sings songs about how we wish we could find our better half to help us through life; to share our burdens with each other and lighten each other’s load.

(To couple):

You two, who have searched your whole lives for love, are truly blessed. You’ve both struggled to find you better halves, and you’ve succeeded. You complete and complement each other and are both greater than the sum of your parts. Although life will still be hard at times, with your love by your side, you’ll hardly notice as your pull them close, and keep them near.

Marriage is the greatest statement two people in love can make. It is a promise to value the love you share. It is a commitment to always be there for each other, to stand side by side in times of triumph, and carry one another through times of hardship. It is the duty of providing strength for one and other, and the privilege of getting to do so.

Or, to put it simply: it’s kind of a big deal.

But as I look at you two now, I know it is a good deal. On behalf of everyone here, I thank you from all of our hearts for allowing us to share this moment of love with you.


(To crowd):

The couple has asked for a couple of readings. The first is from (Parent 1).

(Parent 1’s reading)

Thank you for your words.

The second is from (Parent 2).

(Parent 2’s reading) 

Thank you for sharing.


(To crowd):  

In a typical wedding, this would the moment I perform the consecration: a blessing for the couple’s union. But this is not a typical wedding, and I am not a typical minister.

Instead, I would like to read a sonnet I have written to commemorate the occasion.

A Blessing for Marriage by Shaman Romney (If you use this, please credit me correctly.)


(To crowd):

The couple will now exchange vows.

(To couple):

The vow of marriage is a great commitment. By sharing your vows now among all who have gathered today, you solidify and externalize the promise to each other you already hold inside. As you hear each other’s words, etch them into your heart and always keep them close. As you say your vows to each other, feel the meaning behind each and every word, and live them through your every action.

(Partner 1 reads her vows)

(Partner 2 reads her vows)

[Ring Exchange]

(To crowd):

The couple will now be exchanging their rings.

(To couple):

The rings are not only a symbol to the world of your commitment to each other, but a simple reminder: you are encircled in your love for one and other, and always will be.

(Ring bearer brings rings in box)

Please take each other’s hands and repeat after me:

With this ring, I thee wed.

(Partner 1: With this ring, I thee wed)

For today, tomorrow and the rest of our days.

(Partner 2: For today, tomorrow and all of our days.)

Please wear it as a sign of our promise today,

(Partner 1: Please wear it as a sign of our promise today,)

And know my love is with you – whether far or near.

(Partner 2: And know my love is with you – whether far or near.)

(Couple places the rings on each other’s fingers)

[Declaration of Intent]

(To couple):

(Full name of partner 1) and (Full name of partner 2), you have vowed to always love each other, and have exchanged symbols of that love. We have but one more step before you continue on life’s road together.

(Partner 1), do you take (Partner 2) as your lawfully wedded wife, to love and support through sickness and health, through good times and bad, for as long as you both shall live?

(Partner 1: I Do.)

(Partner 2), do you take (Partner 1) as your lawfully wedded wife, to love and support through sickness and health, through good times and bad, for as long as you both shall live?

(Partner 2: I Do.)


(To couple):

Then by the power vested in me by the State of (State of Ordination) and the (Church or authority, as applicable): I now pronounce you married.

You may now share the first of many kisses as a married couple.


It is my great honor to be the first to introduce: (New combined name of married couple)!



Thank you for reading,


Shaman Romney

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