2017 Soylent Logs – Donation and After Thoughts   Leave a comment

First, below is the pic showing my donation:

Food Bank Donation

I’ve been trying to stick to my new whole plant based diet. It’s tough. Habits die hard, and apparently I forgot to shoot the head, so their shuffling corpses have arisen to drag me down. Part of me misses the simplicity of Soylent, and wants to go back. But I know it isn’t mentally healthy to live so restricted.

I think I just need to exercise some discipline. I don’t even want the junk food; it is pure bad habit causing me to eat it. Maybe I’ll hire someone to slap me every time I buy and eat junk.

Hopefully I can nip this in the bud before I gain back everything I lost. If not, I may be posting here in a few months with an even more extreme challenge/goal/punishment.

Wish me luck,


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