The Man Leapt (Weekly Writing Challenge)   18 comments

I’ve never felt I was a fiction writer. At times, I feel so wrapped up in myself that I can take the time to imagine anything different. In fact, I only feel like when I am writing as my self about myself, that I feel it is any good. The closest I’ve gotten to fiction writing is creating characters for role-playing games, which have been average, plot-wise, at best.

So when this week’s writing challenge came up, at first I felt like I shouldn’t even try to do it. I mean, I’m just not that good at it, right? But on further reflection, I decided I wanted to do it. The point of a challenge is to challenge yourself, so I did.

I had a fun doing too. In the end, isn’t that the point?

Anyways, here it is. I hope you enjoy:

The man leapt. Freeing himself from the shackles that bound him, he cast himself off the edge. Away from hate, regret, failure; as the wind rushed by it stripped all this from him. He was left a man without any burden, except existence. Now, he was finally free to fly.


Thank you for reading.

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